What is a moped?

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I am terribly confused. Is a moped one of those more old-fashioned looking crafts that double as a bicycle? Or is it what some people call a "scooter"? with no pedals and a chair-like seat? Itd be nice if someone cleared this up for me.

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Re: What is a moped?

yes- technically--- the models that havew the pedals are called MOPEDS

technically---the models with out pedals are called scooters


Re: What is a moped?

This has been argued many times and it varies by the laws of each state.

The original name was a nickname for a motorized bicycle, a conjuntion of the abbreviation for Motor "MO" and pedals "PED, thus moped.

Mopeds in most states must have pedals that are functional so the rider can pedal it for propulsion.

They also must be 49 cc or less

not more than 2 hp

have automatic transmission.

Electric mopeds usually fall under a different set of laws.

In Hawaii, small scooters with 50 cc engines were called mopeds so the name stuck and was applied to small scooters and later to most all scooters.

I am a dealer so it drives me nuts when someone calls me for parts or repairs for their "moped" and I have to play Dick Tracy to figure out if it is a Goped, electric scooter thingy, real moped with pedals or a scooter.

One guy even broke down in front of my shop one day in an old pick up truck so he came to my shop and ask if I could help him. I didn't know his truck had broken down, I just saw it sitting in front of my driveway. So we walked out to his truck and I ask "so where's your moped" He look at me strangely and said " I don't have any moped, it's this truck". I fixed his truck, so I guess pickup trucks can now be called "Mopeds"

Wouldn't the world be so confusing if everyone was named "Bob" and every vehicle was called a "Moped" : )

Re: What is a moped?

a moped is a mythical half-man half-dog beast from the land of Gnarnia. if you come across be friendly but watch your pockets. mopeds are known to have a quick wit and lazer hands, they also have a thirst for the glint of jewels. they also wily, tricksters and a demon in the sack. happy hunting and good day.

grand high hypothicry, at your serrrvice

later brah

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