Help her find it or someting

Johnny Ely Khunz /

So I talked to this Sheila Rodeo and found out what she's been trying to ramble about.

She is looking for a top tank type bike. Like a Puch or a Free Spirit but also likes the older Tomos top tank type bikes. A Sachs would make her happy but since she lives in the state of Kansas I dont see that until the 2005 bikes make it here. If that ever happens. I dont know I think the best bet would be any Puch or a Vespa. She almost had her hands on a old Yamahoper she found in a junk pile at a bike shop but the guy who said he would hold it for her sold it for more behind her back.

Oh here is some good news

I found a guy with a Pinto

He said if I help him get a carb for his puch (I dont know witch model) he would sell me the Pinto.

This rocks since Ive been looking for one for three years but was always out bid. Like i could ever afford the shipping anyway.

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