==Honda Express '78 -- Minnesota===


I received a yellow 1978 Honda Express as a trade for aircooled VW stuff.

It's in GREAT shape. Odometer shows 1780 miles.

Low Points...

Needs a rear reflector... tires need to be swapped... I'd tighten the brakes and replace all the fuel lines.

High Points... kicks over every time... carries me around at 30+mph (220#)... seat is like new... original graphics... paint is bright and chrome is rust free.

How Much?

$300 Cash + You Arrange Shipping.

FREE Delivery

I'll deliver free within the Twin Cities Metro Area.... anywhere outside of the Metro at $1/mile

Trades Welcome

Willing to trade for Classic VW/Car stuff, guitar equipment or Victorian House Parts/Antiques.

Please email to tsunde@isd.net with a "MOPED" in the subject line. I do 60+ internet trades a month and want to ensure I don't delete your email.

If this is around after the 4th it's hitting Ebay.

Warm Regards.


Re: ==Honda Express '78 -- Minnesota===


What kinds of classic car stuff woudl you wanna trade for and would you take 250 for the bed?

Thanks Alot


Re: ==Honda Express '78 -- Minnesota===

Karen Erickson /

Have you sold this Express?

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