2 Puch's for sale CT

I have two nice Puch's for sale.

One is Maxi (green) and the other one is Newport (brown)

Asking $375 for Maxi and $425 for Newport

Local pickup only in Connecticut.

Also I have nice Columbia for $350.

If you looking for cheaper peds I have Yamaha QT50 for $250 and 2 Jawa's for $250, one runs the other one looks excellent but engine is seized.

Also have two Batavus peds $350 each(straflite model-one top tank)

Hercules mini bike (rare) $450

Peugeot 103-$300

as well of other peds for sale.

Re: 2 Puch's for sale CT

Any pics?

Re: 2 Puch's for sale CT

I'll post pics tomorrow if you tell me which ped are you interested in.

Re: 2 Puch's for sale CT

Parker Brown /

Can you send pics and more detail of the Yamaha QT50?

Where in CT? Pick up may be a problem.

Thank you.


Re: 2 Puch's for sale CT

You willing to just sell some batavus parts? I may also be intersted in buying the batavus? m-48 engine or m-56?-Dan

Re: 2 Puch's for sale CT

By the way Ziggy i'm in New Haven so no shipping.

Re: 2 Puch's for sale CT

Here is a pic of QT50, as far as Batavus I have some spar parts call me @860-8883661


Re: 2 Puch's for sale CT

I'm located in central CT-close to Hartford

Re: 2 Puch's for sale CT

All the parts I have are for Laura 48

Re: 2 Puch's for sale CT

hey ziggy, Id love to see pics of the puch maxi...also a couple questions, what year, how many miles (if you know) and one or two speeds?

Batavus Pics please

Are those Batavus top tanks running? What conditon?

Re: Batavus Pics please

Now I have three Batavus peds, two top tank, one HS50 one Starflite. HS50 I just got yesterday but this one is in in excelent shape- need carb clean up, good compr and spark.

The other two are running- I have spare engine and other parts for Bat.

As far as Maxi's go I have single speed Maxi's, 3 or 4 of them.

They all from late 70-'s

Two green, one blue, one Newport with brownish color.

I may post the pics later today if anybody interested.

Also just picked 6 nice Puch mag wheels so I can spice them up a litlle.I'll be out for the weekend.


Pics of the maxis please

I'd like to see pics of the maxis and get some more info on them, prices and years if possible. thanks!

Re: Batavus Pics please

You can post picks of the nice one running or send it two me. I would also look at the other two.



Re: Batavus Pics please

I just made home and it is 10PM, leaving tomorrow morning for weekend gateway-no chance of making the pics now.

I'll do it on Monday. I have several people from Boston interested so maybe you do car pooling on next weekend?

I'll post the pics and prices on Monday, generally Puch's are in $350-$425 range. And they all from late 70's Katie, it really makes no difference if they 10,20 or 30 years old if kept in dry storage space.

My name is Z and I approved this message ;-)

Re: 2 Puch's for sale CT

Seamus Schofield /

im looking for a good running moped for 150-250

Re: 2 Puch's for sale CT

Hello would you be intresting in haggling a bit on any of your prices i am a student and i dont have much cash but i really want one to give it a good home and my dad can help me fix it up drop me a line at SilentHawk36@hotmail.com if intrested.

Re: 2 Puch's for sale CT

What about Yamaha QT50?

$250 takes it.

Jawa?> I have two , one running another for parts-$200

Motobecane> 150$

I have more if you want to work on it.

Re: 2 Puch's for sale CT

can you send me some pictures


Re: 2 Puch's for sale CT

I have about 200 to spend i might be able to go a bit higher i am not sure. I need a good running one that is perferably street legal.


Puch Newport > $425


Puch Maxi green




two Batavus peds $300 each


Puch Newport 2

I'll customize it for you- you can have two speed engine or one speed, allready have nice mag wheels.

$450 for ready to drive


Batavus HS50

I'm Kreem-ing the tank on this one, very nice ped $400


Hercules mini ped

Very nice and rare, new Sachs engine $450


Hercules another pic

I think this is better pic


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