targa Lx for sale in VA

I am thinking about selling my 2003 tomos targa Lx for around 1350$. The reason I am selling it is because I need to pay off all my money I have borrowed. I am still not sure if i want to or not. Its black and silver and it is the peg style no peddles and it has 1600 miles. I have bought lots of stuff for it. here is the extra stuff back pegs,side stand,heavy duty exhaust bracket, twin turbo exhaust pipe, brand new gas tank, and cool mirrors it has had 1 tune up so far and I have only had it since December.I think i have about 400$ in it. Pick up only in Anndale VA and I will try to post pics tomorrow

Re: targa Lx for sale in VA

r u joking??? 1350?? i can get a new one for that much

Re: targa Lx for sale in VA

opps i ment 1150 but il sell for 1100

Re: targa Lx for sale in VA

NVM i am kepping it I paid for all my stuff and some so its time to kit it

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