Motobecane "Le Moped"

Looking for a rear mag wheel for a Motobecane "Le Moped" can anyone help? thanks Ray

Re: Motobecane "Le Moped"

That's a tall order,Ray! Have you tried MopedLar? don

Re: Motobecane "Le Moped"

Ray Fales /

Hello Don how do I get a hold of Mopedlar? I know its a tall order but the one I've got is cracked can they be welded? thanks Ray

Re: Motobecane "Le Moped"

Hmmmmmmmmm......well,Ray, I'd go to and holler for him on the new moped forum.

You might get it welded professionally, but is it still straight and true? They might get it fixed pretty strong, but the wheel might have a bend in it. don-ohio (:^)

Here's his e-mail,Ray! Hope that he has one! don-ohio (:^)

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