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A Michigan woman is going away for a minimum 9 years after trying to hire a contract killer from the site Bob Innes created the bogus site in 2005 and has been having a lot of fun with it. Full article here...You can't make this up.

Re: Rent A Hitman Dot Com

So, how can this be a thing?

Can I go sell my advanced sexual services to people and then report them to the cops when they take the bait?

Or commit arson and insurance fraud for money then snitch?

How the hell is the website owner not in prison? Seems like a bullshit thing to do. Conspiring to commit a crime is equal guilt to all involved.

Re: Rent A Hitman Dot Com

Ted Grant /

It certainly does raise a lot of legal questions. You could argue that it's a form of baiting and the creator of the site is using it for entertainment. He states that he has saved people's lives but doesn't have any concern for people who are now behind bars for trusting his supposedly real services...

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Don’t get me wrong. Someone that is seeking contract murder deserves what they get. But this kinda vigilante law enforcement can’t be legal.

I guess it’s in the same vein as “to catch a predator” type stuff. Except that show played the part of a victim, not a conspirator in a 1st degree felony.

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Yeah I feel like a good defense atty could tear this apart pretty easy, they are too dumb to know it's not a fake website, how could they figure out how to actually get someone killed?

Plus like, sounds like some of these folks are actually in a dire situation. I dunno the old adage proves true: you want something done right....

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I like to think I have a plan for everything. What if someone is a bad person but the situation for self defense has presented itself?

You don’t wanna live your whole life looking over your shoulder or worrying that the bad person might take it out on your friends/family. So, you start thinking that making them gone sounds like a logical way to acheive peace and safety again.

Forget it. Forensic Files is old as hell and nobody was getting away with shit back then. If you have a motive nowadays, the connections will be made. Maybe a random killing could go unsolved, but you aren’t offing a cheating spouse or toxic boss these days.

I would have to assume that anyone ignorant enough to think you can hire a murderer online, isn’t all there.

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Just kill people yourself, sheesh

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Prime example of the unintended consequences of the internet, people raised with it think everything is on there...and it's all real. This person should serve out her sentence, and then be ground into the soilent green served by Mcdonald's. Thus shall be the penalty for being "too stupid to live". I have spoken, that is all. As you were. Ya want fries with that?

Re: Rent A Hitman Dot Com

Never seen the movie, but it was (is) supposed to take place in 2022.

Eating people. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Re: Rent A Hitman Dot Com

Ran by feds, real hitmen aren't found on the internet. Yes, they do exist.

Re: Rent A Hitman Dot Com

Of course they do, only people whose lives are crazy internet heavy would assume they could be found there, you might pay online though... ;)

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> Brandon Love wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Ran by feds, real hitmen aren't found on the internet. Yes, they do

> exist.

You can find hitmen on the internet, but its not as easy as just googling "hitman".

Re: Rent A Hitman Dot Com

This is why we have members only buy sell forum.

Re: Rent A Hitman Dot Com

^ You don't scare me buddy! ;)

Re: Rent A Hitman Dot Com

Johnny Braaapp /

;) ;)

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