Anyone near Hardeeville SC

Hardeeville according to maps not far from Savannah and Hilton Head I always get stuck in the middle of nowhere not in like myrtle beach where I know people

Stuck in a parking lot need a bit of help the clutch in my ranger broke

Did the horrible job of putting a new one in on the ground with very little tooling I'm out of ideas it won't release and the master and slave is good and working

I don't want a repeat of 2009

Re: Anyone near Hardeeville SC

What year ranger? When I did my clutch I remember it being a motherfucker to bleed the cylinder enough to work

Re: Anyone near Hardeeville SC

It's a 2000

The slave and master are only a month old and are working the pedal is hard

Something is jamming up

I'm in the middle of tearing it apart again wishing I had a floor jack I only have 2 old scissor jacks making a hard job even harder

I hate cars

Re: Anyone near Hardeeville SC

Did you replace or at least inspect the throw-out bearing?

Re: Anyone near Hardeeville SC

Throw out bearing is part of the slave which is a month old

I wish I replaced the clutch at the same time but I'm an idiot

Re: Anyone near Hardeeville SC

What's up Jay! Been along time

Re: Anyone near Hardeeville SC

Same shit as usual

Re: Anyone near Hardeeville SC

Only thing left is the fingers on pressure plate. Be sure to get flywheel turned while you're in there. (edited)

Re: Anyone near Hardeeville SC

The first time I did it I couldn't get the trans Bak enough to get the pressure plate out so I tried to just replace the disc

Then my buddy Georgie Reynolds drove down from Myrtle Beach and brought me a floor jack which is a lot stronger than I am so I got the trans back far enough so I can get the new pressure plate in

The flywheel is surprisingly smooth and evenly worn according to my not so good eye but good enough for the rest of the drive

Still would rather be doing this than messing with a slipping automatic for everyone who argues that automatic is better which it's not

Re: Anyone near Hardeeville SC

Oh and the strange reason the clutch failed it wasn't worn out or slipping at all the spline hub stripped out

It was a not very lucky LUK clutch and unfortunately I have to replace it with the same clutch cause that's all that was available locally


Re: Anyone near Hardeeville SC

Make sure you're not putting the disk in backwards

Re: Anyone near Hardeeville SC

You're like the 10th person that said that it's impossible to put in the Ford clutch backwards it only fits in one way

It's back together and working now

Re: Anyone near Hardeeville SC

Not impossible at all..that has been done lots of would not be the first

...glad you got it going

Re: Anyone near Hardeeville SC

There's no way if you try to put it on backwards it won't sit against the flywheel and the pressure plate ain't going on

It's running as good as its gonna for a ranger with almost 300,000 badly abused miles on it

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