Do you swear?

I’m getting ready to reenlist tomorrow.

Another 4 years of my life will be owned by the USA.

Has me thinking about what it means to swear an oath. How many people have an internal obligation to keep their word? A sense of duty or moral imperative to keep a promise?

Like, I don’t believe I need a contract or justice system to force my compliance with something I said I would do.

Not to make another thread about the decline of humanity. I just want to know what motivates people to follow through.

Is it pride? Not wanting to be known as a promise breaker? Philisophical or religious expectation?

It seems like it’s becoming an unusual traditional practice. After all, a legal contract is much more effective in the world today. But I miss the time of “giving your word” and the sort of social experiment we used to play with each other when making an agreement.

If a man didn’t keep his word, it could ruin his reputation. I think I like that.

Speaking of this, I told Eric I would get the coins in the mail earier this week and the envelopes are still in my backpack… gotta get on that.

Re: Do you swear?

I swear all the fucking time

But jokes aside, I want to be trusted and have some internalized sense of duty to not betray the trust of others, if someone's counting on me, that's my self worth on the line, I wanna be worth it

Re: Do you swear?

I like it Will.

We’ve been watching the trial at work. That also has me thinking. All these people swear to tell the truth. Other professionals sworn to fulfil an office duty.

A vestigial practice that has dissolved with all the modern techniques to force accountability.

I also want people to think of me as honorable enough to not require any procedures to elicit my agreed upon performance.

Re: Do you swear?

A man's word is all he's got. I believe that.

Re: Do you swear?

I swore an oath when I became a Son of the American revolution. Thank you for your service Papa!!

Re: Do you swear?

Words are meaningless.

Actions count.

Re: Do you swear?

I'm not a "swear on the holy bible" type, but if I give my word, I mean it.

Re: Do you swear?

> baird co wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I'm not a "swear on the holy bible" type, but if I give my word, I mean

> it.

Pretty much the same thing I said. "A man's word is all he has".

Re: Do you swear?

Yeah, the bible thing is a crutch. Like, if you have to have something or someone to keep you honest, you’re still a piece of shit.

Re: Do you swear?

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