Amazon Bike Motor Endurance Test

The cheapest and most expensive bike motors from Amazon. Both failed the endurance test in record time...Endurance test starts @ 18:00.

Re: Amazon Bike Motor Endurance Test

That guy is kinda a dumbass. If he built a real moped, it would probably break in minutes as well.

Fortnine built one and rode it pretty far/hard before breaking it.

Re: Amazon Bike Motor Endurance Test

Probably Fred /

> Papa _ wrote:

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> That guy is kinda a dumbass. If he built a real moped, it would probably

> break in minutes as well.

Every Moped manufacturer put stickers and in the owners manual a 300 mi-500 kilometer new bike break in period.

But which many people including me ignored when we bought our brand new mopeds. I mean I tried for a few minutes but couldn’t help myself and went top speed first ride ha ha.

Most went full throttle the entire time the moment they picked up the bikes from the dealer.

Very few of the good quality European Mopeds broke even though we tried our damnedest back in the day to break them. China bike kits on the other hand ....

Re: Amazon Bike Motor Endurance Test

Yeah, they are not built with much quality,looks like. Glad I never took the bait.

Re: Amazon Bike Motor Endurance Test

Point taken Roff, but I wasn’t saying beard guy could break a factory moped, I said if he built one (like rebuild and kit) it wouldn’t last 10 min running wide open on a trailer.

It was a stupid test by a person with an obvious agenda.

I had one long ago and it worked fine. Just sucked compared to a real moped. I bet if I had another one and did all the “right” prep work, it could be ridden for a while. Maybe it’s time to have another go at one.

Re: Amazon Bike Motor Endurance Test

When I was building them, I had a motor last at least 15k miles, rode it everyday, my only form of transportation, and it only failed when the chain broke, whipped around and cracked the case.

I also had brand new engines that didn't make it to the liquor store on their first ride.

But most of mine lasted a pretty long time. (Except racing them. I destroyed them all.)

But if you disconnect the chain, tape the throttle wide open, it'll run 11-12k rpms. And it'll blow up.

That's not an endurance test. That's an idiot test.

I blocked that dude's channel from my YouTube so I wouldn't see his garbage on my feed. I mean, he bought a west coast chopper for like 80k or something ridiculous. He also preaches in some of his videos. F that guy.

Re: Amazon Bike Motor Endurance Test

Ted Grant /

I had a 80 cc bike motor kit around ten years ago. I followed break in procedures and used a 20 to 1 fuel mix for longer than suggested. It ran strong and was a lot of fun. That being said the instructions and overall quality of the motor was poor. The carb would flood and leak at any time. The instruction book recommended sanding the plastic flashings on the carb float. Why don't you guys sand the damn flashings? I remember pulling the side cover and the slots in the screws were off center. The screwdriver would wobble as a result. I used the bike on country roads and it was fun while it lasted. The end came when I was running wide open and the seat post snapped on a cheap mountain bike. The motor swung left burned my leg and locked the rear wheel. Bicycles and their brakes are not designed for the extra stress of these motor kits. Not recommended.

Re: Amazon Bike Motor Endurance Test

Yea I built one many years ago, 8 years maybe. The first month it broke down pretty much weekly, usually clutch issues or vibration related, chain issues etc. But once the fails had been corrected so they wouldn't repeat it went forever. I sold it to some guy with a dui and he rode it til he could drive again and sold it to another, it comes up on Craigslist every year or 2 after another rider gets to drive cars again, still running. They're total shitboxes but dead simple and once the weak points are strengthened they just go. With no gusto or grace, but they go

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