Melnikov Tune...LOL.

Can't make out the mods but this bike really rips... Borat's brother? LOL.

Re: Melnikov Tune...LOL.

That’s just one of those “stupid bicycle engine kits” right?!?

At least what they copied.

looks like fun.

Re: Melnikov Tune...LOL.

Ted Grant /

Yes...That's one of those crappy bicycle conversion motors. I had one years ago and the quality was terrible. I lived in the country and put a 80 cc kit on a mountain bike. Went pretty good and could get to 30 MPH. I had it wide open on a gravel road and the seat post broke allowing the motor to swing out and burn my leg. That was enough for me. Here's a follow up video in English detailing the power mods. Very ingenious hydro forming of the pipe. First time I ever saw a moped do a pull on a dyno...LOL.

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