River Walk

Our river levels are historically low so I walked the banks this morning looking for remains of a York boat that sank near Fort Gibralter in the early 1800's. My buddy gave me the lead that he discovered researching Metis trappers. There were 10 musket long rifles on the manifest that were never recovered. My buddy claims the rifles could still be in reasonable shape since there is no oxygen in the dense mud. I didn't find any wooden remains of the boat but it was good exercise and I learned a couple of things. Old car tires may take hundreds of years to decay. Found a few ancient bias ply tires that still looked decent after decades of exposure. Zebra mussels are taking over the waterways. See attached pic of a encrusted bicycle. these tiny mussels attach to any hard surface and are considered a invasive species...


Re: River Walk

Here in Maine a few towns over we had a tire dump. Was said to be one of the largest in the US. They said if it caught fire it would burn for decades and cover new England in smoke and smog. They were forced to get rid of it because of the risk it could cause such devastation.

Re: River Walk

Why didn't you pull your pocket knife out and liberate that tree?

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Ted Grant /

There was a huge fire in Ontario in the 1990's when 14 million tires went up in smoke and it burned for weeks. Huge stockpiles have been outlawed so this is no longer a concern. I don't think my pocket knife is up to the task of tire removal but I will go back with a hacksaw blade and cut the bead on the tire. I'll try to get back tomorrow since snow is scheduled for Thursday and I spotted a area with bottles. Found a green glass beer bottle from a local brewer that was in business from 1895 to 97.

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Going to take a really good knife to cut that tire...if you have a battery powered side grinder put a waffer blade on it. ..or a cordless drill you can put a waffer blade on a bolt locked down between 2 nuts and chuck up in the drill to cut it...

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