What A Waste

Seeing this makes me sad. How anyone could let a couple of motorcycles degrade like this is beyond me. The BMW in the background has been seasoning for at least ten years that I have lived in the neighborhood. The Suzuki is a more recent addition around five years outside. Behind the Suzuki is a 70's 10 speed bike that could be saved if the seat post isn't frozen. There is a certain satisfaction in rescuing a neglected bike but these two would be difficult to bring back. My buddy has four or five pristine bikes in his collection that he is considering letting go. I'll gladly pay more to get more...


Re: What A Waste

I hate seeing that shit too.....just proves the excess of our society, the BMW may be more savable, at least an attempt was made to cover it and it is more or less upright, when they lay on their sides like the Suzuki they seem to go to shit even faster, no idea why.

Re: What A Waste

Mike McScoutington /

Worst part is that if you were to ask dude if they were selling it would either be

a) no way, not my prized possessions


b) sure, for $1M US dollars...I know what I have

Re: What A Waste

Ted Grant /

@ Mike...If I ever see the owner out in the yard I'll inquire since the garage might be holding some treasures. These hoarders/junk collectors are getting scarce. His yard is not aligned with community appearance standards and he might be forced to clean it up. Of course the bikes ran when parked so they probably just need a fresh set of plugs for many more trouble free miles./s

Re: What A Waste

Those BMW engines can be converted for aircraft use.

I’m looking to build an ultralight or something starting next year and the BMW motorcyle engines have attracted my attention.

Re: What A Waste

Probably Fred /

The bikes like that in my area most times were because most all the motorcycle repair shops closed unless you had a Harley. Many Japanese bikes were considered throwaway items which was good when it became time to purchase a used ones you could get them very cheap.

The only problem the two cycle Enduro bikes became highly collectible after many were left to rot or junked because of lack of shops also.

I used have my garage filled with 125 to 250cc Japanese brands 1970-80s motorcycles and parts, kinda like Moped’s today but they changed insurance laws making any titled motor vehicle had to have insurance whether it was used or not and penalized if you didn’t get the title done in time and for a spell before the law was repealed you had to pay the tax on the full retail value of a vehicle even if you got it for a fraction of the price.

So when I moved to more rural area going from a 2 1/2 car garage to a one car garage I sold them off thinking I could always pick up a one or two for cheap but then they were hard to find and expensive.

So for my two stroke addiction I went back to old stand by moped that didn’t need insurance, title just to have, my state got stricter then it was when I had my first Moped with having a plate and having only certain moped’s on the list but that’s was ok.

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punkrock randy /

Harleys are throw away items. What a sad thing they’ve done to the ultimate riding machine.😥

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I puke when I see them on CL as “ vintage”

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Jimmy Cincinnati /

I don't know why, but I can't stand Harleys. Only one I think is kinda ok is a stripped down basic 883 but even those don't keep my interest much. I'll let all the old foggys fight over the Harley crap, they can keep them... When they die can we just all agree to throw them in the scrap yard and pretend they didn't exist?? I think the Harley culture and the massive baggers / bobbers / and choppers just annoyed me too much.

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Ted Grant /

FortNine as always does a great job explaining the HD mystique. Don't like a rough running bike and would love to get my friend's 1977 Honda 400 4 cylinder. Not the fastest but a sweeet sounding bike.

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I have always had hondas but I recently got a harley. I like the aftermarket availability of them. I am building a chopper so it's cool to find all the old school parts for it. The older ones are like mopeds. Simple wiring, and about as reliable

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I got no problem with harleys but not much love for em specifically. I like motorcycles. I have had many brands, they work and it's fun to ride things.

What I dislike usually is primarily the price, and the riders. not all, just the ones who are so certain that harley is best and never try anything else.

To the fortnine, he makes the wine comparison, and I often come back to an old favorite quote - the best wine, is the wine you like best. So if you like harleys best, well get on there! but to TRULY know, you must try all the wines, and therin lies my frustration with so many harley (and tbh plenty of other) riders - the absolute certainty theirs is best without any understanding of the other options, it's ignorant and petty. And in a fair load of experience, even the snootiest of BMW riders have at least had some experience with many other rides yet theres a whole crowd of harleyists who'll "i would never" at anything else.

I would totally get a harley if there was a decently priced option. but the same is true of literally anything else. I'm not a huge cruiser fan but I got a maxim for free so I'm gonna take a whack at that.

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Also funny about that fortnine is he uses the ninja as an example of frequent change? what? it was abasically unchanged for almost 25 years, like identical in 2007 to 1987 unchanged. lol

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♣Slew Foot♣ /

Harley toppers and old 2t scrambles rule.

And don't bad mouth them

My uncles make them. Honest my uncle Jim Harley started the first cable TV company in 1947 Allentown pa.

service electric cable TV.

Re: What A Waste

Its not just the motorcycles. What a waste of an entire property. Can you imagine what the inside of the house looks like?

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