Dad stories

It's father's day, diddnt expect to go down the rabbit hole. Thought I would tell some

Dad was a vietnam vet, enlisted airman, anti sub warfare. Got his draft paperwork for the army whilst mapping SAM sites in nam with the navy. Funny, left hand never talked to the right. first girlfriend was a mousekateer, knew John wayne a first hand basis..cleaned his pool as a well as said mouseketeers parents

Man could have made millions with his ingenuity. In 72' IBM of Australia offered him citizenship to defect from the navy and stay. Nope not dad. He was offered $15000 from the navy to reenlist in late 72, they brought him in with the cash on the table. Nope, told his CO that he would rather suck dicks on the corner a Nickel a piece than stay....he went home to LA, Started driving tow, a man once tipped him a lion cub, cookie....kept her until she was 170lbs, then donated her to a sanctuary. Too big to a year later, got bored and reenlisted.

Man had solutions for every problem. Died two years ago going to Walmart. Heart stopped, fell over, and it was over. We feared somthing much worse. I made him dinner, he left to look at a pressure washer, and it was over. Best possible situation for my father, hated hospitals.

was shot down three times, evading for months in north Vietnam. For 4 years in the 80's he got a new job with the navy. Live In a free house in the mountains of Japan, and bring higher ups and politicians out skiing...Had a heart attack in 86 in the middle of the Mediterranean, Stayed in for four more years until 90'. Moved next door to my mom two years after I was born. The rest was history. He diddnt make me, but he was my dad.

RIP PO1 Walter Kingsbury

If your dad's alive, give him a call. Happy father's day guys

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♣Slew Foot♣ /

WWII. Korea

Radioman Navy. Was on multiple rocket launcher @ d day.

He was sunk off 7 ships battle of coral Sea.

Uncle was the gunner who was strafed and stayed on the 50 w 17 bullets in him. Higgins feild pearl harbor. CMH winner.

Dad passed from asbestos exposure. 1971 I was 4.

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todd amundson /

Not really a story but my kids made me safer today


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Re: Dad stories


dad stories are great

my old man toured around asia on a shoestring, it's really funny my mom (theyre divorced, not particularly amicably) sent me some letters to show me "what kind of man he was" when i was "old enough"

it was him and his buddies like plotting to send the good weed from australia and thailand back to the states, chock full of hippy slang groovy stuff, and a diary in which she'd highlighted a piece where he wrote a "note to self: grow weed for fun and profit"

Like, seriously mom, you think i didnt know dude was a crazy hippy?

He was working on bananaboats in nrth africa, hitching trains across india, worked as a rickshaw driver in hongkong, little odd jobs to keep going

He went back to the US and got a phd from Cornell in "edible fruits and vegitables" with a thesis on amaranth as a food crop. it's recently gotten some attention again with the superfood and ancient grains movements, its' a decent protein grain but it's not as good or easy as quinoa so it never really picked up. He was once on TV with the subtitle "amaranth expert"

Joined the peacecorps, went to the marshall islands and helped people rebuild their coconut crops - it'd been devastated during WW2 and subsequent nuclear testing, they used the islands and just paid everyone off in canned food and spam and everyone stopped farming, then they halfass tried to restore it and bolster it's success with pesticides but didnt offer training and the farmers just oversprayed everything, made a mess and couldnt grow anything. so he helped get the coconuts back on track, went back to cornell, met my mom, they moved to indonesia, got pregnant and moved back to have one baby WillD and he spent the rest of his working years as a horticulture teacher.

But he's been chronicling all those years and sending them as letters to my daughter (now 4) and it's great cuz i never got the full stories, and it's definitely as much to me as to her and it's been a really great way to hear them and share them and damn i love that dude haha

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