EURO 2020

After a year of delay, tonight EURO 2020 finally starts! Several weeks of football madness will ensue.

First game tonight will be Italy-Turkey, quite a fun game to kick things off with.

The Netherlands finally qualified again, but we're missing some key players and our coach is a moron, so i'm not expecting much from our Orange-clad lads. Our first game is against Ukraine this sunday.

Re: EURO 2020

Best of luck to the Netherlands against Ukraine today.

As a casual fan, I’m sort of marveling at the incompetency of this Frank gentleman y’all have running your team Bas. The man must have had dirt on somebody in order to get this position, right? Awful stints with other clubs leading up to this. Do you think the “FRANK, GEWOON 4-3-3!” banner flown by plane over the training grounds will make him reconsider his 5-3-2 tactics? I hope your guys succeed in spite of Frank’s nonsense.

Re: EURO 2020

Bas Autowas /

Thanks! I'm impressed with how much you know.

Frank is a footballing legend which helps, and besides he was the head coach of Ajax and won the league with them four times in a row. Most people working at the Dutch Football Association have strong ties to Ajax, so thats pretty much it.

The banner wont help, it will be 5-3-2 tonight even though you should only use that if you have terrible defenders and your playing against a much better team. Lets just hope we win in spite of Frank.

Re: EURO 2020

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Portugal [ "PORT"" A" GOOOAAAAL"]


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