I met the strangest person

So I got thrown into a marketing meeting where they wanted local artists to kinda help with scene outreach.. I knew it would be weird since I’m not into capitalist pig dog shit.

But there I was, getting high with these dudes.

And the main guy starts talking and his speaking skills are super strange. Like he wrote a speech, memorized a speech, then recited a speech like a bad actor reading an overly sappy screenplay. He had a few speeches with super weird timing and moments that shit felt so awkward, like he saw in the script where it says (emotional pause) so here it comes. emotional pause. (With no feelings or emotions being emitted except for awkwardness and an urge to laugh then run away by me)

It was like talking to a bad politician.... i mean a politician who is not good at conveying emotion or feelings. Only puzzlement.

Fucked me up so bad cuz now I’m sorta worried that everyone and everything is gonna be like that guy once everything reopens and I’m in a twilight zone where this is now my life. My cat meows at me with no feelings, like a human saying meow but it’s coming out of the cats mouth with no knowledge of what it is to be a cat..... (emotional pause) meow

Back to the meeting,

So I said to dude “how do you even talk like this?”

But he didn’t understand what I was saying. Never got a solid answer.

Then I left

End of story

Re: I met the strangest person

Probably Fred /

Sounds like the same cringe worthy guy when I had to sit through at a high-pressure sales timeshare condo seminar just to get a free TV (which turned out to be a piece of crap too just like the guy by the way)

Re: I met the strangest person

I think it’s a pathological trait..

And the dude who setup this meeting didn’t even warn me about these soliloquies I’d have to sit thru. I was like “what in the fuck did you get me into”.

No more meetings for me I think

Re: I met the strangest person

Dirty30 Dillon /

Public speaking can be debilitating for some people. I've met many people in my life who are perfectly fine conversationalists, but if they had to speak in front of someone new they would turn into a complete wreck.

Also, there's also no discounting that maybe that is combined with a learning/cognitive dysfunction so the actual act of reading aloud is difficult enough, let alone in a social situation.

I get it. Hard to listen to, but I feel for that dude/dudette.

Re: I met the strangest person

I was a bartender/manager of my friend's bar, and he sold it to two guys. One was completely normal, talked normal, and acted like a normal human being

The other guy, well, I think he watched every episode of "bar rescue," and read every "how to ... for dummies" book.

Probably had motivational posters in his bedroom.

He would say things like "we're trying to fix a broken airplane in mid-flight..." And other analogies that made no sense.

The type of guy who, after going to him with a problem, would talk in so many circles that it wasn't until you left that you realized he never addressed the problem.

He took away all my manager duties, cut my night shifts and put me on days, believing that the nights should have female bartenders and the days didn't matter (which is wrong, days are slow, day drunks want to see girls, not dudes. Nights didn't matter, we had a large female clientele, so you just needed a competent bartender.)

All my regulars (and I had a lot of them) left, the bar went from a successful, quirky hangout with Godzilla movies and weird shit instead of sports, to a boring sports bar with $1 PBRs and the customers that like that shit.

Female customers dropped off, and I was fired about 4 months after they took over, despite having some of the best shifts.

And even getting fired was a pain in the ass. I got called in for a meeting, the normal guy just sat there, and the idiot had my final check in his hand, but still felt the need to tell me everything I did wrong for an hour before handing it to me, even after I said, "you can just give me my check and I'll leave ..."

That was 4 years ago. Bar's still open, but it's been struggling ever since.

Don't know why I typed all this just now... Oh yeah, something to do with manager types not being real humans...

Re: I met the strangest person

If you're weirding out J-bot out of all fucking people, you got to be a total weirdo.

Re: I met the strangest person

♣Slew Foot♣ /

I get it. Some peeps are autistic but hi functioning.

I have seen this in surprising places. I had a meeting with a simular guy no social skills talking to strangers was like a teen trying to sell rainbow vacuum cleaners to a drill sergeant. It was painful to watch. After the horrid event I pulled him aside I asked to have a talk about the account and client. I ordered 2 steaks baked potatoes asparagus tips

Heinikens and triple shots of Jameson black.

He was the clients kid and didn't ever hold a meeting before. I am pretty laid back so I gave him tips. First don't panic. Speak clearly and convey all the necessary info in the shortest most direct way then even if you are off you did your best and didn't waste anytime. Everything else is projection and confidence.

Re: I met the strangest person

Yeah idk, maybe it was a quirk but I think it’s more awkward pontification with a boatload of narcissism. I’ve got plenty of narcissism but I really try to keep it under wraps so I get it, but idk.... just can’t get that weirdness out of my head

Best to never leave the house again I think

Re: I met the strangest person

So you didn't get a free TV?

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