Does anyone here have swarms? of cicadas in their area? Please share some pics!

Re: Cicadas

I had just started riding when the last big brood came out in Tennessee, There's like different broods but it's not like there's none in between. So like 17 year cicadas each brood comes out every 17 years, but like theres a different brood every year, so you always kinda have some. Theres actually an interesting period where neither the 13's nor 17s come out for the next 2 years. but theres usually one somewhere, just that some broods are way bigger, or bigger in specific places, and this is a big one in the populous east coast cities areas. In theory this brood (X) is in Ohio too, but I think its more southern and western OH

I remember the great southern brood ( a 13 year) in 2011 in ATL, you'd clip those things it was like getting shot with a paintball. We had a lot around cleveland for brood V (5 years ago)

it's neat cuz theyre all underground (for well... 17 years...) til they come up, molt and mate and die. And they all come up when the ground hits a specific temp so theyre all out at the same place and time

so theres just hundreds of holes in the ground all of a sudden, it looks prety nuts.

And then they climb up on the trees and shed so theres just tons of shell/skins

and when they all die, like a few days later, theyre dead everywhere.

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theyre loud too, when I first heard them in TN I thought it was a neighbor's fire alarm or something

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We don't get them here much, but I saw a swarm of the 17 yr kind as a kid, scared the crap out of me, still creeps me the fuck out! YUK.

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I caught a cicada @ highway speed on a big bike.

It turned my helmet on my head. Only a little but it was super loud. I would have thought I was shot except for the gut splatter.

I have always been a full-face helmet guy. Moments like that, I extra appreciate it.

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I feel like I remember hearing them constantly for many years and then for a long time now I haven't really heard them. This year is supposed to be a big one but a little early yet. They are more in July I think usually

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Cicada's are always in the south. It's part of the start of summer. I've never seen any of these broods throughout the years. Just normal cicada stuff. Wild looking too, they look like little aliens.

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So... a lil more clarity cuz there seems to be some confusion how these work. Threre are your generic cicadas that have 1-9 year lifespans that arent periodic and some come out every year and interbreed and exist. But in north america there are specific periodic cicadas also, which have odd length life cycles of 13 or 17 years. Being a prime number of years means other predators can't easily adapt to the same lifecycle. The prime number ones also just have huge numbers to help overwhelm any predators that do exist.

But 13 year or 17 doesnt mean you only see cicadas every 17 years, just that specific set of cicadas has a 17 year cycle. and a specific set is a brood.

each brood has preferred areas and specific traits since they can't interbreed. Some of the broods are bigger than others, or usually it's bigger in specific places. The biggest are the great easter (17 year brood X, here now) and 13 year Great Southern Brood, last seen in 2011 & returning in 2024. Sometimes oyu get 13 and 17 operlaps too, likte 17yr brood XII overlaps the great southern 13s in 2024.

so Norris, maybe it's not a big one where you are, or brandon there may be annual cicadas near you but not a major periodical brood.

belows the chart from

There's also a map. Brood X, this year, is a big brood. "the great eastern brood" It covers most of the east (and for some reason all of the broods overlap in indiana even if nowhere else nearby...) but brood X is mostly around DC, delawar maryland Philly. And THAT'S why its a big deal, just cuz lots of people live there. doesnt mean its a big brood where you are.

Hope that helps. (edited)


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we have them by the shovel load in maryland. loud af and they're everywhere

knock on wood i havent taken one to the skull yet on any bikes but i know its coming. i dodged one yesterday morning on the way to a C&C lol

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They pounded my truck’s windshield on the way back to VA today. The sound was deafening when we stopped at rest areas along route 81.

Re: Cicadas

^ Sooooo gross.... :(

Re: Cicadas

We had them in NY as a kid and they were EVERYWHERE.

We were also overrun with lightning bugs, gypsy moth caterpillars, crickets at night. The world was teeming with life. Now they're mostly gone.

Thanks Monsanto!

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Another insect you don’t see any more is the praying mantis. My parents used to warn me not to kill them or I could get fined and arrested. Lol….what did I know. I was just a stupid kid. (edited)

Re: Cicadas

I remember the bugs of my childhood:

-REAL ladybugs

-Honey bees on every clover flower in the yard

-normal house flies (red eyes and striped back) not the blue/green shiny shit flies

-inch worms

-Lots of butterflies; including monarchs

-giant luna moths

-Night time had millions of fireflies

Also, after dark, you’d hear crickets, whip-poor-wills…

All that seems to be severely reduced or completely gone now.

We are changing our planet for the worse.

Maybe when my kids are my age, going outside will just be to catch covid or skin cancer.

Re: Cicadas

There are still fireflies out in the boonies, farmland? I saw a field FULL of them about 6 odd yrs ago, it was amazing, had to be thousands of them, but I could not tell you the last time I saw one in civilization. Still see some inch-worms and butterflies though not in the numbers I remember.

Re: Cicadas

Did you ever have junebugs?

they were like really generic looking beetles but huge. like golfball sized beetles. I feel like most often they'd be dead in bathrooms haha, i dunno. but i distinctly rememebr those and dont think ive seen any since being a kid,m though ive also been in pretty different parts of the country.

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