Pewter casting

My oldest kid really likes chess and wanted a nice set.

I googled and found a mold set.

We spent hours trying, failing, cutting in extra vents, tapping, fluxing, etc.

Finally got a couple usable pieces. The knight is the coolest looking and hardest to cast. So we started with that. The rest should be way easier.

I am really surprised at the detail that these rubber molds have and how well it held up to repeated casting.

Anyone ever made a homemade centrifugal casting thingy?


Re: Pewter casting

Those look pretty good! Did you also buy a pewter smelting setup ore just the moulds?

I've only once cast a pewter figure about 20 years ago when i visited the national pewter figure museum about 30 miles from here. Already had plans to go there again last summer, so hopefully i'll get a chance to go this summer.

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Nah. No setup. I did get the “Martha Stewart” ladle from the store though - fancy


Re: Pewter casting

Here are few pewter spoons.


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Prob not anything I would have the patience to do myself, but those sure look good! Cool that your kid is into chess, it's a very cerebral game....and to make yourselves a set is a great project, happy that you have the chance to do this...will build some lasting memories. Good stuff man. I currently work for a plastic company so I understand venting molds etc. Our biggest customer is 3M, and we have been fighting with a mold for a switch panel since I started, we over mold onto a substrate and it keeps delaminating, no matter the adjustments to pressure and every other variable we can adjust, it's far more complicated than it looks, and I'm just starting out in this industry so I'm learning... cool to see yours held together as they are... Have fun and keep posting as you complete the set, would like to see the finished product.

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Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

I never knew that lead free solder was pewter. No wonder it sucks at being useable solder.

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Yeah, bout that...

The stuff I had in the garage was 95% tin, 5% antimony.

“Actual” modern pewter has a little copper in it as well.

But, being cheap and resourceful, I figured the solder was close enough. It worked. I used solder flux too.

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that's pretty awesome. my lab tech at work used our 3d printer to make a chess set, there's usually a game going on, sometimes i'm in, i dont often do particularly well, I tend to take too long cuz i'm not paying attention and then i just rush a move so i can do something else, chess takes an attention that i'm not usually ready to give to chess while i'm at work haha

still, it'd be pretty cool to steal his or reprint them, refine the detail by hand maybe and try'n cast them

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Giuseppe Zappa /

I have an entire suite of production equipment....centrifugal casting machine for 9-12” round (ring) molds, 160lb smelting pot, 4 post vulcanizer as well as vacuum casting machine, programmable kiln/oven, wax injector and a few other pieces. This allows for pewter production casting, or I can cast lost wax / investment molds with precious metals.

All of this is also for sale, as I have not been using it for a few years now....

Re: Pewter casting

> Giuseppe Zappa Wrote:


> All of this is also for sale, as I have not been using it for a few

> years now....

I probably can't afford it right now, but just for fun, how much you want for the whole setup?

Re: Pewter casting

Giuseppe Zappa /

PM sent...

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