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I don't feel right talking about this in a topic about someone who recently died, but i still think it's a subject that needs some discussing;

> Papa _ Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Too many “dangerous” traffic areas are, in reality, just really shitty

> drivers.


> Nothing is that dangerous, just requires a teeny tiny amount of care and

> attention to not kill people.


> 40,000 people die every year. EVERY GODDAMN YEAR. Because why? The lane

> lines weren’t painted well enough? Lights were too low or high? No

> excuses.


> I know the pandemic has brought out stupid shit-talkers and me

> mentioning this here may bring up some weird emotions. I am not one of

> “those guys”.


> But the shitty drivers have got to stop. We need real punishment for

> traffic crashes. There are no “accidents”; they are crashes. Someone

> didn’t do their fucking job and they crashed a death machine. It is

> intentional distraction, or negligence.


> People smash into someone and their insurance pays up. Maybe they have a

> fine. My parents were hit twice in a couple years. Ruined my dad’s

> retirement years. I would love to see these bad drivers spend a decade

> in prison. When the shit gets real, I bet the roads would get a lot

> safer.


> And we know nothing here. Maybe Moped guy was in the wrong. I have just

> seen too many lives cut short/ruined, families crushed because of people

> not taking their death machine operating serious.

Obviously having very little to no driving lessons to get a drivers license is a starting place for this problem. In most European countries people will have to take between 20 and 30 hours of driving lessons before they are allowed to take their driving test (which lots of people fail on their first attempt) this assures to a certain degree that people actually know what they are doing in a car and seems especially beneficial when you're handing out drivers licenses to 16 year old children.

Then there's the other problem; you can't completely stop people from making mistakes in traffic, so traffic design should be made in a way that minimises the severity of what happens through these mistakes.

Several arguments made in the other topic immediately made me think of this video.

And this one about traffic calming is also quite relevant;

And the facts: US road fatalities per 1 million inhabitants; 111,4 (2018)

Dutch road fatalities per 1 million inhabitants; 34 (2019) (edited)

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punkrock randy /

Driver’s education classes are a must. I got my license in the state of Ohio, which requires driver’s ed. In shit states that just give them out without schooling, people make stupid mistakes constantly because they don’t understand some of the more simple laws/rules of the road. Such as which lane to enter when turning onto a road with multiple lanes in that direction of travel. People just jump into whatever fuckin’ lane they want instead of the one closest to where they are turning from.

Re: Traffic safety

punkrock randy /

And HEADLIGHTS ON in poor visibility and rain!!!! In most states that is a law, which could never be fully enforced because the majority don’t seem to understand, “Why headlights on if I can see fine?” They don’t understand it’s not just for them to see, but to also BE SEEN. Also, a lot of ppl don’t understand how the headlights work on their vehicles. New car headlight switches and DRL bullshit make dumbasses fuck up constantly. 🤦🏼‍♂️

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Ohio's drivers education wasn't anything special. I don't know if I actually learned anything in it. It's better than nothing I guess but it's not great

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Looking up the Ohio regulations for obtaining a drivers license i found this teston the bmv website, and without any knowledge about US driving laws i got 90% right (didn't get #10).

You only need to get 75% of the 40 questions right on your real test, so i by god hope thats more difficult.

One question did arise though, for learning drivers you need to be supervised by an adult for 50 hrs, how do they check this? Can you just have someone sign of for this?

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Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

And then there’s me, trying to diag a car, key on engine off.... and bitching because even though the lights have an ‘off” position, the fucking lights remain ON, then i have to drag the charger over because the battery is drained. Who designs this shit?

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punkrock randy /

> Bas Autowas Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> One question did arise though, for learning drivers you need to be

> supervised by an adult for 50 hrs, how do they check this? Can you just

> have someone sign of for this?

Mine was with a driving instructor. Couldn’t have been a full fifty though I wouldn’t think. But it’s been 24 years so my memory is fading on that detail. (edited)

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It’s sucks in Charlotte now and has got way worse in the 17 years I loved here. I would take riding in Chicago over it. When I tell my friends back home that they don’t believe me until they come visit. Then they are like fuck your right man. Constantly on the lookout of who is going to hit me.....hate riding by myself at night. I’m going to get a Breakfree too. Too much ass riding and most of my bikes don’t have brake lights.

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Fuck it just ordered one....

Re: Traffic safety

If your curious what I am talking about. 3 of the guys in our club have them. They are pretty awesome. I was skeptical at first and thought they were silly but I love the concept now after seeing them in action. Wish I ordered one sooner.

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When infrastructure is properly designed, you don't need hi-vis clothing or brake lights on your helmet. That's kinda the point about this topic.

I have been hit by a car twice in my life, both times traffic speeds were so low that i could just carry on after getting 50$ for the inconvenience.

Re: Traffic safety

^low speed doesn't fly here, everyone is in a tremendous hurry, always. No one.obeys the rules of the road if they even know them. Unless you live in a very small town driving has become quite dangerous, it used to be fun, but now you have to be on guard all the time, your life depends on it. I don't know where all the cops have gone either, but there is less enforcement than ever. (edited)

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That about summary. I got the Brake free because I feel like I am going to get run over every time I slow down for a turn.

Anyone in Charlotte that has gotten hit has been someone pulled out in front of them. I have gotten bumped at low speeds twice. I am not worried about someone cutting me off than anything

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I suppose since my comment spurred this, I should chime in.

I was “driver ed’ed” in Ohio. My parents probably fudged a bit on my driving log. It was supposed to be so many hours of day/night driving with a supervising driver. My dad, who did most of that, was a very safe, experienced, trained driver. So, he set me up.

Drivers Ed was through AAA. Schools stopped giving the class. 1 week of after-hours instruction. We learned laws, safety stuff, looked a crash pics. Then, one hour of driving the instructor around.

I remember now, playing footsies with a girl in the class. Like... Hardcore. We were rubbing legs together, caressing with feet. Man, really forgot that one. Didn’t even like/know each other. Just bored to death and it was fun. Teenagers 🤨

The driving test was with a state trooper. They acted strict but were actually pretty decent if you were respectful. Had to drive around a few city blocks and then pull forward and back into some cones. Cake.

All that said, more or better training and better traffic design will only go so far. I think the major problem is the lack of care.

If I was exercising my American right to bear arms, wondering around the town waving a gun about. Shooting stuff on accident when I miss my targets. Eventually killed a person. Well, guaranteed, I would never be allowed to own a gun again. I would be in prison for most of my life. Sued for ever cent I have an will earn.

Why something as dangerous as cars is seen as needed. And why people who behave badly with them get a free pass for fucking up and killing people is beyond me.

I had a cousin, which I only have one memory of, who was killed near the home I grew up in by a car hitting him on his bike.

My dad said the guy was under the influence of something. But not alcohol. In the 80’s, nobody tested for other stuff. It was called an “accident” and the guy probably was living his normal life by the next year.

Someday, all transportation will be automated. Self driving and that shit. I will miss being allowed to drive myself. Hopefully, we will still have places to drive for fun.

Dude on that moped died. I am biased to think it was not his fault. Even if it was, a car driver should be extra careful. I look out for pedestrians and bicycle riders. I treat a guy on a motorcyle with the same caution as a parent pushing a stroller; because it is someone’s BABY.

Re: Traffic safety

James, what i'm trying to say is that you can never really stop bad drivers, but you can make everything as safe as possible just to stop horrible accidents from happening. Which is exactly the same for guns btw.

My stomach still turns from seeing all that blood in those pictures, in the Netherlands they wouldn't even be published. But i hope that i can get the point across that these horrific incidents can be greatly reduced by something as simple as smart road design.

We don't wear helmets whilst riding bicycles in the Netherlands because its now so safe to ride a bicycle here that wearing a helmet is ridiculous, if we can do this kinda stuff, everyone can.

Re: Traffic safety

We "could" but we won't, it's a totally different mind set.

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Overpriced Parts /

“ And the facts: US road fatalities per 1 million inhabitants; 111,4 (2018)

Dutch road fatalities per 1 million inhabitants; 34 (2019)”

Another fine apples to oranges comparison.

USA has almost 900 cars per thousand people and Dutch land has a bit over 1/2 that amount per 1,000 people so way more people per thousand in the USA use private vehicles unlike using public transportation or bicycles that euro people are forced to do.

The states have large high speed roadways even many city streets are two lanes wide on each side with the turning lane in the middle or bigger while many old euro cities and villages are single lane cobblestone streets which you couldn't go fast if you wanted to let alone get a large SUV or truck through.

One thing in USA is true though, due to the great abundance of reasonably priced hi hp 250 to 808 hp stock domestic factory cars, trucks, SUVs and vans and not to mention very fast imported stuff in combination with the large roads people go way too fast.

There are many people who do not have the skills to own anything like that nor should all the the high horsepower be used on the street it should be used at the drag strip or race track where you could use it then drive home at normal speeds which I am all for and it’s very fun to do some track time.

In my 44 years as a legal motorist of most vehicles other then airplanes I would say I see many more problems other than the normal DUI drivers and inexperienced drivers of the past by me.

One is distracted phone in face drivers that weave and ping-pong back and forth in the lane, go left of center, almost off the right side of the road and don’t take off on a green light until you beep.

A other problem lately is a influx of drivers and or new drivers from other countries that drive expensive fast cars and SUVs that don’t seem to know our domestic laws.

You really have to be on your toes to be a defensive driver, for they stop dead at every empty roundabout entrance or almost hit you when you’re on one,

(the landscaping in some of the roundabouts gets creamed every week too), they can’t seem to turn, they make right turns so wide that they go onto your lane, make short almost diagonal left turns almost hitting left lane drivers,

They will turn left in front of you not yielding on green or yellow signal thinking they have the right away for some reason as well as they’ll go left of center into your lane instead of stopping for a delivery truck or mail truck blocking their lane forcing you to get over or hit them

(almost every expensive car drivers don’t stop for a stopped delivery trucks), these can very dangerous if on a motorbike. luckily one can pretty much recognize the drivers it’s the same ones over and over (It’s usually the ones who take two or More parking spots too)

The latest problem Since no one on a stop complies with simple instructions anymore, lawmen are less likely to pull people over for minor infractions for fear of conflict when just a few years ago you were pulled over for everything, I’ve seen cars with a tail light or headlight out or too dark of tint go past a cruiser and nothing happened when I was sure they were going to get “lit up”

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punkrock randy /

Won’t pull people over for “fear of conflict “?!? More like there are too many ppl fucking up constantly to pull em all over. A lot of police are just fine with conflict and confrontation, and it’s even a draw to the occupation for some. And foreign drivers that don’t know our laws is a dumb one too, that’s absolutely not a thing I’ve noticed as an issue where I’m at. It’s goddamn technology and ppl not wanting to have to pay full attention during the act of driving.

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And as expected, a nonsensical Roffrant™

Deaths per 100,000

motor vehicles

per year: US 14.7 - NLD 6

Deaths per 1 billion

vehicle-km US 7.3 - NLD 4.7

I know you're afraid of flying so you've never been to European, but only historic city centers have small cobblestone streets, which usually are still large enough for delivery vans so they'll also fit an SUV. All the roads except in suburbs are made of asphalt, bricks are used in 20mph zones to ensure that people don't speed. It's one of those easily implemented safety measures.

Noone in Europe is being forced to take the bicycle or public transport, it's just super convenient so we choose to do so.

I'm not even going to comment on the rest of you racist and out of touch Roffrant™

Re: Traffic safety

Bas>>> point out the racial part of roffs rant..

Re: Traffic safety

There are about 4 complete paragraphs of him complaining how foreigners can't drive. He didn't specify their ethnicity this time, which is of course a welcome change.

Re: Traffic safety

punkrock randy /

It was pretty obvious which parts they were. And I’m surprised you weren’t here earlier defending ol’ glory Pops. You can’t stand to hear a single negative thing about the US of A. Driving was a better experience here in the 90’s, tech is ruining that constantly.

Re: Traffic safety

Johnny Braaapp /

Ride fast, take chances. You only die once

Re: Traffic safety

The Massachusetts moto handbook says to take up space and drive in the middle of the lane. It's safer because it forces people to fully change lanes to pass. The cars to watch out for are tricked out Honda Civics in the ghetto, and fat businessmen in Teslas on Newbury Street. Basically anyone who confuses their car with their penis.

Re: Traffic safety

I can say I have definitely noticed a diminished level of enforcement, especially since the riots. I don't know why, but it is for sure true. No one stops or signals, rolling around at night with brights on etc, all of this used to get you stopped, a citation or a warning, no more. Phone use is also a huge problem, we got a law making it illegal to have the phone in your hand while the car is in motion, and they enforced it hard when it was new, and things improved some...but it is hard to catch everybody, but now they seem to not even be trying.

Re: Traffic safety

So now the word racial Bas ?..i.guess we need to start working.on an entirely different language before long .all.our words are going to be tacial and can't be used people amaze me with always bringing it up...

Re: Traffic safety

How did Ken see those people were foreigners? Did he ask every bad driver where they came from?

Re: Traffic safety

Wow Bas i didn't really read roffs rant never do but i noticed it's not the word foreigner thats racist...i bet the band can sleep better now knowing they weren't racist by playing all those years by that name.sooooo you can't say somebody is "from another country "without being racist ....nowww_ i.seeeeeee ..glsd you cleared that up

Re: Traffic safety

punkrock randy /

It’s racist to generalize that “foreigners” are the issue. That was Hitler’s tact, blame problems on the foreigners, white supremacy will prevail.

Re: Traffic safety


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