Bruce Meyers RIP

Bruce Meyers, creator of the Meyers Manx, a car that would become known worldwide as "The Dune Buggy" and that would be copied and replicated for generations, and who was an original pioneer of racing in Baja, has passed away at the age of 94.

Meyers died of a blood disease called myelodysplasia, which is similar to leukemia.

“You know, it was just his time,” said his wife Winnie Meyers, who helped him operate the business Bruce founded for many years.

My Father was friends with him

Re: Bruce Meyers RIP idea he was still alive...back in the day I drove what I was told was a factory prototype of a street version, was called the Manx, was on a shortened vw pan, had the fuel fill through the "hood" like many of the off road ones did, but had an enclosed body, removable targa style roof panel, 2 seat, adjustable front beam, and a hyped up vw engine, 1,800 dual carbs, can't remember the exhaust, not a monza but looked like it...was the coolest thing I had ever seen, but was 16 and my Dad put a hard no on my buying was at a local dealer, the unique thing was the fiberglass structure was much thicker than usual as it was a demo, built for people to see/climb on and hold up. RIP. Now I have to start googling looking for that thing. :) Wonder what ever happened to it?

Re: Bruce Meyers RIP

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