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I feel like I already had a thread on this but can’t find it.

My first attempt to help my son build a gaming PC failed. So we are starting with a purpose made case and motherboard.

The motherboard fan connectors are 4 pin male. The case fans are 3 pin. I have adapter wires that are 5 pin on one side (only 4 wires) and 4 pin on the other, but can accept the 3 pin fan wire.

So, black, red, yellow have a path to the fan.

Why the hell can’t this stuff be standardized? Anyone here know which pins from the motherboard actually have to get to the fan?


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On every motherboard I can remember there's a 4 pin connector on the motherboard that the fans plug into with a 3 pin female connector. Are you saying you have an adapter to attach multiple fans to one male connector on the mobo?

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+wire, grnd wire, fan speed sense wire, or fan speed control wire, led wire maybe, look at your mother board manual or

search online at mobo manufactures site for the pinouts on them connectors, , your fan manufacturer should also have info on the fans , the connector pins are movable , you'll figure it out.

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makes me wanna build,, it's been awhile

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> UNIT#010 CCC Wrote:

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> makes me wanna build,, it's been awhile

I just splurged and built my first new PC in 6 years last week, it was a blast. Had to wait in line for a Ryzen 5 5600X for a week at my local microcenter before I could get one

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they are standardized

most case fans protocol are using "molex"

psu (power supply units) come in modular, semi modular, or standard (rats nest/cheap) and provide extensions for your fans, sometime the fans daisy chain into a single molex port. the other type of power connector is for sata power (for drives and stuff).

non molex type fans that have 4 lanes are pwm (power watt management). these need to be plugged into the board so that the system can send given amounts of power based on ambient temps or load. i have used molex adapters to these and just put them on open ends on the psu, which unfortunately removes the pwm feature and just has the fan run full blast unless hooked into an external controller.

the mobo fan terminals are dedicated for the cpu usually. it appears u have a gigabyte board, which supports pwm. i only run my case fans from psu, and opt to buy the brand: Noctua now, just my preference

if pwm is a feature you really want, there are some pretty cool fan controllers out there, or just use something simple, cheap, and effective like this one (assuming you have a spare molex power off your power supply open. the pwm connector at the end of the board i linked goes to your mobo system fan terminal (i would plug ur cpu fan directly into the cpu fan terminal on the mobo, and not mess with this adapter except for case fans)

my guess is that the board cant route all that power to all those case fans chained together like that. direct from psu you should be good (edited)

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Johnny Brapp /

Dude I built both Intel & AMD based PC's a few years back. Had no previous experience prior, had zero issues. Do your homework. It's all literally plug and play........ This is a moped forum right? (edited)

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Thanks for the explanation.

I thought I had to connect the case fans to the mobo for variable fan speeds. It makes perfectly good sense to just run them hard wired.

The CPU heatsink it supposed to be so efficient that, under normal conditions, it shouldn’t even need to run its fan. I like the idea of the CPU fan being a backup to the normal heat elimination of the case.

I did do research, bought a plug and play setup, and it didn’t work. Probably because I bought used components to keep the cost low.

Still running used components, but they are all gaming pc parts now. Not a mix of Dell office machine and gaming aftermarkets that are supposed to be compatible.

I realize this is a moped forum. It is my only forum/social media (I only look a some memes on FB). And the people here communicate better than the PC forums my google searches have landed me on.

Computer forums have answers in threads that range from show-offs giving complex answers in binary; which I can’t understand. To someone writing a 3 page book about how they “thought about using this thing” or “an article in complicated pc builders magazine says...” and it never gives any actual information. Like those yoottube vids were someone talks and fingerbangs an item for 20 mins and wraps up with: “I haven’t actually run this yet, but I will post another vid when I do.” And you look to see the video was posted 5 years ago. 😒

And, my kid having a good PC is going to yeild moped results. We are also getting a 3D printer soon and parts for molding and casting will follow. I intend to teach him by employing him. Like, I will draw the basic thing I want and then let him engineer and manufacture it.

Thanks again.

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