My 1979 G30 RV project


I've been working on this G30 RV at the same time as my mopeds. I haven't driven it since January 2018 but hopefully I will be able to start the engine again soon.

I'm going to start with a question about the power steering pump hoping that some of you work on Small Block Chevy engines too.

The power steering pump that came with it has this bracket bolted to the front with a little arm that bends over the pulley. The previous owner had a belt on it that was way too loose so it avoided hitting the arm. Now that I have the right size belt on it touches the bracket. Does anyone know what this bracket is for or if I can remove it? My only guess is that it is there so you can stick a pry bar in it to pivot the power steering pump forward to tighten the belt (or at least that's what I used it for).

I posted on a couple Chevy forums but nobody seems to have ever seen that bracket before. Thanks!


These last two photos are from 2018 before I started the restoration.

Re: My 1979 G30 RV project

Why not just trim it back enough so it doesn't hit the belt. Easy peasy

Re: My 1979 G30 RV project

Take the angle grinder and go to town my boss

Re: My 1979 G30 RV project

I ended up just taking of the pulley, taking off the bracket and cutting off that bent piece. Then I drilled a hole in it, tapped it, screwed a 3/8" bolt in, cut the back end of the bolt off, welded the back and put the bracket back on. Now all I have to do is put a 9/16" wrench on the bolt head to tighten the belt while I tighten the bolts behind the pump. Nice.

After I did all this I realized that pulley doesn't even line up with the water pump and crank so I need to order the other power steering pulley with the 2 grooves :/

Re: My 1979 G30 RV project

I think it still is an improvement. Looks cleaner and probably much easier to use if tensioning was its intended purpose. No slipping tools and busted knuckles.

The left side of that tab (before you cut it) looked worn. Like the original setup had the belt running under that thing and years of occasional rubbing had removed some material.

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