First to 2021

Getting ready to party hard with my one other household and my kids.

Realized that Bas, Ryan Graeme, and Me get to 2021 before the rest of you’s guys.

Euro Priveledge.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Never looked forward to so many changes in any single year. I am STOKED to get my 2021 going.

Re: First to 2021

punkrock randy /

Indeed, this year WILL be better, because it ain’t 2020!! I hope CoronaV can fade out so there can be some organised rides again. Be safe tonight everyone:-)

Re: First to 2021

lets be honest, 2021 ain't gonna be no picnic either but Happy New Year boys!

Re: First to 2021

This will be the crappiest new years eve ever. Fireworks have been banned, luckily i still have a bit leftover from last year. My biggest gripe is the banning of shooting carbide in my town by our shitty mayor who doesn't know shit about our regional traditions. (It isn't banned in all adjacent towns, so i do keep hearing other people have fun)

I still hope other people are having a good new year's eve, be safe, have fun and let's get ready for a better year!

Re: First to 2021

Old crow medicine show is doing a live pay per view I was gonna rent but it's on to late. Starts at 10. We will see. I could get out the projector and pa system and party it up haha.

Re: First to 2021

I’ll probably be asleep by then (USA MST). I’m just happy that on 01/01, I get out of quarantine, and get back on the road the following day.

Happy New Year, y’all.

Re: First to 2021

I must be ugly, because I got stimulus today! Happy New Year off to a good start.

I feel like the money being sent to military overseas is stupid.

1- We already have all our needs met by the American taxpayers.

2- We could end up spending it here and only stimulate the local economy.

So, I will be hitting the B/S page. Hope some of you have good shit for sale. I can pay top dollar and stimulate the MA economy.

Re: First to 2021

I can't believe it's already 2021. Just bought a new calendar (of kittens) from 99 cent store.

My unemployment just got extended, and the $300 extra will hit soon.

Already hit treats with a big order.

Tonight I'll do nothing. I'm sure my neighbors will blow up the neighborhood like usual. Pretty sure they spend all their stimulus on illegal fireworks.

Re: First to 2021


So far, so good.


Re: First to 2021

Happy New Year Papa. I can't handle anymore and I'm off to bed!

Re: First to 2021

If y’all think 2021 is gonna be any better than 2020, you’ve got another thing coming. You ain’t seen nothing yet! Buckle up buttercup, because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. 2020 was just a preview.

Re: First to 2021

I have to agree there, things are not going to magically change at midnight, time is a construct of humans, nature runs it's course no matter what we do. At least the chump is gone, hopefully he does not start up a war somewhere in his last days to give Biden something to do. I think we have reached a tipping point in this country, life is far too easy for far to many, and they have time to indulge their basest thoughts/desires without fear of consequence, idle hands and all that. The ancient Chinese curse, of clone carbs and "may you live in interesting times" has come to pass.

Re: First to 2021

Yeah I'm pretty worried with our new leader for the new year. I'm not gonna preach politics but always a scary thing when the time comes. Also I hope the people of our country will just stay the fuck home and we can get over this covid. I'm sure January will be super crazy with numbers. I am in maine and we were doing well until Thanksgiving and now Christmas. I do know that all the houses here are being purchased sight unseen and for alot of money more than asking by out of state buyers trying to escape covid. It's not working. Please people just stay home and do the bare minimum you need to do. I have never so many New York and mass plates here in my entire life. Most people just have homes here for the summer but now they are full time and still traveling. Pretty fucked up.

Re: First to 2021

That's happening here with lake places, "up north" as the colloquialism goes, many people have "cabins" many of which are regular houses, and many have moved up there, fine for the rich but us regular joe's are stuck where we are, I have been fortunate to be employed by "essential" manufacturing businesses, so have not suffered financially, if anything I'm doing much better with my current job I got in september, but I do stay home, it sucks much worse during the winter, as I spent most of my time outside in the spring-fall, working on cars/bikes, riding it is just fucking screens, my biggest hardship, if you can call it that is the closing of restaurants, I ate out most of the time, as I'm not a great cook, and I despise doing I really like restaurant people, so I become friends with the people who work in my fav places, would still be in that industry if they offered benefits. It's dull, but worth it to not end up sick or infecting others, can't understand people who don't take this seriously, it is for sure real, and to say one side or another is trying to ruin the country is patently absurd, the damage to the economy benefits nobody. More than even covid, I'm very concerned about the mental stability of the public at large, as there is a huge segment of our population that has lost touch with reality, that can't be good for any of us.

Re: First to 2021

Yall worry too much.

2020 for me means:

-Moving back to America

-No Trump

-Actually riding mopeds again

-Loud noises, Fires, Music, and parties

-A big promotion and raise

Last night was awesome. We had a good time. Kids got Beat Sabers for PS VR and that crap is addictive. Whole Family is still playing this morning.

Also, we had a soda and beer identifying challenge. I was surprised that, under hard scrutiny, I think all colas (pepsi, coke, diet, normal) are gross.


Big shock for me, Heineken 0.0% beer is indistinguishable from real beer. Well, it is easy to put it in a group with crappy beers. I had Coors Light, Bud Light, and the Heineken near beer all held out last. Couldn’t name them.

I never drink any of those 3. So, I was flying blind. But Going into the game, I though the Fake beer would be an easy one to spot.

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