Moped "Salvation" Army

Walked into walmart today past the lady collecting donations for the salvation army on my way to find some red duct tape to patch a hole in my seat - every other color for sale but red - on my way out past the lady again and my mind says Moped Salvation Army...hmm. Clever Steven I thought to myself. After losing my job I found myself consumed by restoring an old bike i found a dude throwing away and then riding said bike nearly every day to keep myself sane - Renewed Refreshed - every time i come here I'm amazed by all you guys - seeking salvation through bikes - thanks to everyone here who has inspired me with their knowledge - wit - skill - humor and humility - You've helped me swim instead of sink (edited)

Re: Moped "Salvation" Army

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

Black or white work well with red.

Idle hands suck. Keep on swimming brother.

Re: Moped "Salvation" Army

Since March, when I was laid off, I've found and rebuilt, restored, and/or modified 10 bikes. A lot of people I know spent their time watching Netflix and complaining how they have nothing to do.

I'm in the garage or riding almost every day. Mopeds have been my salvation.

Re: Moped "Salvation" Army

yea, theyre fun. and the buy/sell is really like a thrift store too haha

Re: Moped "Salvation" Army

Pushrod Fifty /

I was working reduced hours, fixed up a few bikes and rode like crazy, no traffic, mild winter, the covid sucks but in some ways I say take the good with the bad.

Re: Moped "Salvation" Army

Indeed - tough to buy shyte but extra time available has been put to good use

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