You ghost me, you get ghosted yourself.

I'm working on taking things lightly, but as others post with some frequency about the subject of civility I must make this post for my own reasons.

This time the subject is ghosting... you get someone who messages interested in an item asks a question or two then ....... casper appears, though he isn't so friendly.

I understand people have a right to do it, but it doesn't make it right. It's a sleight, albeit a slight one, haha, see what I did there?

So, I have no choice but to repay in kind... there is no reason to behave in this non friendly manner.

A few keystrokes or button presses on a phone is the price of respect, certain people feel as if they are above it. Afterall, how hard is it to say, no thanks, or I'm no longer interested?

Ok, the thing is, I sell/give away all sorts of stuff..... when the caspers return..... I really have no choice but to repay in kind. I respect myself, and I'm not these people's parents therefore I can't correct their behavior. They too shall witness the deafening wall of silence.

Luckily though this doesn't happen that often, but I admit it kind of stings when it does. I won't lower myself to this standard, and maybe by posting this other's won't either. (edited)

Re: You ghost me, you get ghosted yourself.

Honestly though, in a way I am kind of glad they do it. . What kind of character does a person who does this possess? Is this the type of person I want to interact with? They say when you come across one rat there is likely twenty more... so in a way the ghost is indeed my benefactor by making themselves known to me.

Re: You ghost me, you get ghosted yourself.

You think too, I don't "return" ghost if selling, rude peoples money is as good as anyone elses! :)

Re: You ghost me, you get ghosted yourself.

I used to think that way until I came across shady types that caused me grief. Now I am very discerning in who I deal with.

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