Anyone else visit Archive.Org?

I've been enjoying some of the classic games and have even noticed there is some cool moped stuff. I feel I have just scratched the surface.

Re: Anyone else visit Archive.Org?

I love that site. I can find posts i made on forums 20 years ago and revisit websites i used to frequent as a teenager. It reminds me of the glorious old internet days when everything was new and not spoiled by illiterate old fucks that really shouldn't be using computers in the first place.

Re: Anyone else visit Archive.Org?

Nice. Pops rederick is archived FOREVER!! Maybe someone can have it all displayed on a large screen smart T.V. at his funeral. Don you come to mind too. (edited)

Re: Anyone else visit Archive.Org?

YEP goodly place to visit for all sorts of techie stuff

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