starting a thing on twitch

so i just started streaming on twitch to kill some time and you can only play so many video games so ive been tinkering with the idea of setting a day or two aside and streaming winter builds from my garage. if that would be something your into/wanna watch or just wanna waste time plakying games. shoot me a follow its free!! looking forward to getting this garage full of builds built!!

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Re: starting a thing on twitch

I've considered streaming me working on shit on twitch, I have a capture card and the camera/microphone setup for it. My garage is just too much of a clusterfuck to start lol. I followed you, good luck!

Re: starting a thing on twitch

thanks for the follow dude! ill be sure to follow back.

...the packed i was gunna do this stream like a week ago and i had pulled out all the bikes and scooters and it started to downpour..ope

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