if i was gonna move, where would i move to?

hypothetically, at least for now...

i need a place with:

chill moped laws. like, in GA, nothing is required, just lights and a regular car license. no way i'd be able to come up with papers for any of my bikes.

not a big city, but close to one. i almost want to live out in the woods or some shit. i do need access to punk shows and shit like that. i'm only a total recluse like 350 or so days a year.

legal weed would be cool, i think. i like weed. having it legal would be cool, but legality might screw up certain aspects of it for some people... at least it would be "good" all the time. no "meh" all "YEH!"

i get to ride 365 in GA, but it could be a little colder... it's hot as fuck for like 6 months, winter is getting shorter, and warmer. i only get to wear my cool punk jackets for couple weeks a year...

moped gang? getting in with an already existing gang would be tight. i have low speechcraft and suck at friends. but i'll totally come hang, maybe.

is weed legal in alabama? what's moped laws like there? is there any moderately cool shit near the "close to atlanta" part of it?

savannah's got me bummed. i been here a long time. just about all my cool friends moved away. i got this big house i "own" and the internet says it's worth a ton of money now... so like, i could maybe dip this shithole and do the same shit more better in a cooler town...i don't "hate" it here, yet, but i'm bored shitless of a whole bunch of it. the beach is still cool. these 2 new bars are actually really cool....

also, i do like to swim.

Re: if i was gonna move, where would i move to?

I've lived in a few places. Denver, Baltimore, Cleveland, and Columbus. I've driven through and stayed in most of the lower 48 between New York and Colorado.

I decided to stay in Columbus cause I really dig it. It's the most populous city in Ohio but it doesn't feel too big and crowded. The worst traffic we get is about on par to the best traffic in Denver and Baltimore. It's not too expensive, and the best part is if I want to live in a more country spot, I can literally buy acreage like 20-25 minutes from downtown. Columbus is weird in that it's got suburbs north south and east but west just kinda gets pretty rural pretty fast.

Generally speaking it's recession resistant due to having one of the largest colleges in the country here. We've got moped crews out the wazoo. Weed isn't legal, medical is but everyone smokes it (except me cause my job). Moped laws are a mixed bag, no titles but you need a plate. Plates are like $30/year, but if you're like me and have 30 bikes I just get one plate per make I have and rotate the plate amongst same make bikes. No paperwork to get plates though, so you literally walk in and tell them a VIN and they give you a plate. Like they don't even look at the bike.

The music and art scene here is super nice, the band CAAMP are some good friends who I met through mopeds (just hung out with the bass player at our gang garage tonight) and are just about the biggest band based in Columbus right now I think. There are a bunch of cool venues in Columbus, most of the best concerts I've seen have been in Cbus.

The parks here are super cool, we've got a herd of bison in the one metropark. Cause I guess bison are actually native to Ohio but were killed off 200 years ago but are being reintroduced to an extent. There's river otters and shit around too. Lot of nice kayaking on the river and boating/tubing on the huge ass reservoirs we have.

Come check out Columbus, maybe you'll be disappointed but I don't think so. I've always got a couch to crash on and a loaner to thrash on for moped peeps.

Re: if i was gonna move, where would i move to?

Timo you just described the metro Atlanta area. You could kick it in a rural suburb on the south side of the perimeter pretty cheap on a few acres.

It's hot here june through august but still denim jacket weather if you're a tough guy. I wear a cross zip leather jacket in the transition months and a proper winter coat dec, Jan, Feb.

Weed isn't legal anywhere here but its decriminalized in most of the ATL area.

Come visit soon and feel it out. You could 100% transition anywhere here with your job experience either into another kitchen or film work I'm sure.

Plus, America's premier moped gang is here and plenty of punk shows. I guess I just want to see ya more lol.

Re: if i was gonna move, where would i move to?

On the topic of cold weather there were only 3 days I didn't ride last year, and that was cause there was ice on side streets. Every other day last year I rode a moped or motorcycle. Columbus weather is very temperate, on the off chance it snows it doesn't last very long or stick very well.

I've only driven through Atlanta but seems like a dope city

Re: if i was gonna move, where would i move to?

I miss Atlanta, goin back sometimes bums me out cuz all the places I loved are getting replaced with condos, but I'm sure a big part of it is that I'm not there to know about the cool new shit, only seeing the old shit wiped away.

Asheville or Richmond seem like legit spots, solid towns, good punk scene, easy to be close and rural, good swims. Moderate weather. Knoxville was absolutely awesome too, super awesome. I got a lotta friends there still that you'd love no doubt.

Re: if i was gonna move, where would i move to?

Kentucky is a free for all when it comes to scooters, peds, atvs, you name it.

Re: if i was gonna move, where would i move to?

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

Portland seems like a nice place to live.

Re: if i was gonna move, where would i move to?

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