For the “do it yourself” folks

I was riding on a C-17 today. The cargo area has 8 emergency exits. And the tail opens up... it’s a cargo plane after all.

Looking across the bay, I noticed something peculiar and asked the crew if it meant what I thought. Yessir it does.

If you don’t like the many means of egress made for you, you can make one for yourself. Just pull the hatchet out of the holder and go Jack Torrance on the wall where they marked out a spot.


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Maybe a weak area in the skin incase there is no power to open tail and there is a fire, it would not be there if a need had not been identified.

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Well Papa it is my understanding that there is no longer a Strategic Air Command-that it’s global something now, so nobody has lightening bolts in their fists anymore - hence the hatchet.


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Probably Fred /

Good movie, good story


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^ The B-36, shown above, is the aircraft my dad was the flight engineer on! I managed a videstore that had that movie, I should have bought it.

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like planes? this guy did, but he should have stuck to mopeds...

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The joke, I thought, was what kind of airplane disaster allows the sort of time needed to cut through layers of plastic and aluminum with a hatchet.

And then crawl through a small jagged metal hole without gaining critical lacerations. And then fall 10’ to the ground.

Never saw the Jimmy Stewart movie. I’ll have to check it out.

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I guess it's probably for when the plane has already crashed? Kinda like those little hammers in busses and trains.

It would be cool to see how it works, how many layers you gotta go through and how long it takes.

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I told the guy I was a volunteer firefighter. One of our training scenarios was to be in full gear and egress through a wall. You had to bust through drywall, and siding, take your SCBA off and send it through then follow with your body. I would like to see a training video of someone using that hatchet. Don’t get me wrong, if dying in a plane crash can be avoided by cutting my way out, I’m down to try it. If they really wanted to make me feel safer, I’d like a little parachute.

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Is that in the same category as the little arrow that points to the pilot and says "rescue" ? Like if I have to depend on someone who needs an arrow and instructions to see what needs to be done should one stumble across an aircraft in some kinda trouble, maybe having a hatchet handy isn't a bad idea. That was my thought too, Papa, re: the jagged edges you'd have to crawl through. Guess you can beat the edges down flat with the back side of that hatchet if you have time. That's what I would do. Hack and bend, hack and bend, after trying all 8 exits and the tailgate thingy. I grew up in SAC. I get it.

God help me, I do love it so.

Re: For the “do it yourself” folks

I suppose it would occupy someones time as they plummet to earth in a fireball.

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