Nx50m 1981 Honda express sr

Weston Tanner /

Hey moped Army. So I have a 81express sr idles good but when on the road it starts to bog down around 20mph. It will continue to do this up too 30 MHP and the only way I can get above that is down hill with a tailwind . Thoughts on what it could be I have messed with the carburetor it’s clean. The only thing I have not done is gone into the Motor.

Re: Nx50m 1981 Honda express sr

Exhaust plugged? Air filter missing or very dirty? If exhaust is coked up the exhaust port could be as well, clean that out (carefully) if you take the exhaust off. New correctly gapped plug? 30-35 is about how fast they go, depends a lot on rider weight. Ir up tires, check for dragging brakes, bad wheel bearings.

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