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Not quite dumper find, however I’ve found similar in dumpsters before. Riding my A55 today. I found scattered on the road. Empty OxyContin bottles er where, in a mile stretch. These opioids pictured were full of pills, some run over. Strange to think wtf is this all about. I’m deathly allergic, so no fun here. Totally thinking about calling the fuzz on this one. In the case of a local pharmacy job. It never ceases to amaze me, what the fuck I find.

Re: Went dumpster diving...

Thrown out of a car prior to a traffic stop? I would destroy them vs telling the cops, your prints are on them now.

Re: Went dumpster diving...

One of my many jobs was as a narcotics technician in huge pharmacy.

Any time we dropped a pill, we had to log it and we had old bottles to store the “contaminated” ones in. Those bottles got pretty full, because nobody knew what to do with them beyond that. Not that I really think that’s what you’ve got there.

Possession of that much of a (probably stolen) class II narcotic is a felony for sure. Destroy it if you haven’t already and ask for this thread to be deleted.

Just my 2 cents.

Re: Went dumpster diving...

Drugs will be destroyed via FDA disposal. Your Advice is No help to me Stephen. I’ll be talking with local PD. Turning a blind eye, helps no one.

Re: Went dumpster diving...

Make sure you have an alibi.

Re: Went dumpster diving...

^he should not need one, but that is why I would just destroy them myself, but I see his point as well if you tell them where you found them it may help with a case? Most agency's will take prescription drugs no questions asked from what I understand.

Re: Went dumpster diving...

If the intent was to do it “right” and not have any question about involvement, the best thing would be to report the bottles where they were laying and observe until someone came and got them.

If I saw a gun laying on the road, I wouldn’t touch it either. Just keep an eye on it while the cops come to get it.

Once you pick something up and move it, you have taken possession of it. That’s how the law sees it. And you have to prove your intentions were good. Which is possible, but who needs all that hassle.

ID OD did make the world a safer place by removing the stuff from a place where it could be taken for illegal use. But, assumed a lot more risk and responsibility in doing so.

Imagine the story if a routine traffic stop resulted in a cop seeing the bottles and then you have to be that person saying: “It’s not mine! I just found it on the road and wanted to turn it into the authorities.” How well you think that would go over?

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