It’s expensive, but we’re doing it. RIGHT NOW. I’m digging it so far.


Re: Excellent?

If you grew up in the original Bill & Ted generation, this was a decent reunion movie.

If you aren’t already a fan, probably won’t like it.

My kids liked it though. So, yeah, there’s that.

Re: Excellent?

Relevant swoops history lesson: PAY ATTENTION KIDDOS THERE WILL BE A QUIZ

When we first voted on a name for the swoops, the options included "Kroglodytes" (after the Krog tunnel - an iconic landmark in our central meetup area), "lords of death" after the street gang in Big Trouble in Little China, "catastronauts" (an uncomfortably cheeseball name that sounded more like a pop punk band for the under 10 crowd, made only barely palatable by proposed logos of cat astronaut kitties in space). and my suggestion, and my vote, went for Wyld Stallyns.

That lost, and the winning name was "CVN" for clatto Verata nicto (actually should be KBN but we didn't look up proper spelling). it's the words spoken to save the world in "the day the world stood still" (which coincidentally also starred none other than KEANU REEVES in the 2008 remake, right around the time we made this vote), but primarily motivated because they were the words in army of darkness to raise the army of the dead - a pretty decent analogy to us raising up these hundreds of dead mopeds. (also interesting is it, like "swoops", has some crossover to starwars also) That name lasted maybe 2 weeks before we changed it to simply "RAD", inspired by the eponymous 80's BMX movie

not long after, we abandoned that for "swoop jockeys" which was loosely based around star wars biker gangs (perfectly nerdy) and solidified by a short star wars extended canon quote: "swoop jockeys have the brains of a blister gnat and half the life expectancy" which seemed to sum us up pretty well.

Pretty quickly we moved to distance ourselves from the star wars reference, shortened it to generically "swoops" and focused more on our primary interests, beer, mopeds, and a fanatical devotion to silliness.

However I think those could've still easily fit with that initial option "wyld stallyns"

Re: Excellent?

I actually understand all those references and appreciate the backstory.

I always thought it was a cuckold thing. Like, don’t take your girl around the Swoops.

My wife likes nerds (ahem) so, I’m still not bringing her around Swoops. 😏

Re: Excellent?

good to hear, were gonna check it out tonight

Re: Excellent?

Once at a rally where I was kindof THE scapegoat of a lot of wrong place/time scenarios, I was yelled at by a pretty fucked up fella "you swoops always think its such a joke, you fuck shit up, set off fireworks, you fuck all the girls"

I was like whoa, I was with you till the last one, what? I'm married

and he goes "you're married and you still fuck all the girls?!"

I have no idea where we got that reputation but it cracked me up. Shortly thereafter the cause of our disagreement was well settled and I can pretty happily say we're pretty solid friends now, and no we definitely don't "fuck all the girls", nor has that ever been a goal nor issue

Re: Excellent?

That’s pretty funny. Well, since it worked out.

I guess that word, standing alone, leaves a lot to the imagination.

Re: Excellent?

I have a lot of admiration for the Swoops, based on content posted by several. Solid dudes that that have a fucking clue!

Re: Excellent?

im glad I could make this about me somehow. sorry haha

Re: Excellent?

Holy Mackerel, SAVE YOUR MONEY!

This movie is so fucking god awful, I'm actually really disappointed in Keanu for doing this.

Excellent Adventure was really funny, completely unexpected, and very stupid. And it worked.

Bogus Journey was all that and they pushed it even further as far as "Death" being a main character, robots and that Station creature. Amazingly, THAT WORKED TOO!

Face The Music is just a mess that ticks the boxes and has ZERO of the same vibe as the 1st two films. The daughters are especially annoying (the one playing Keanu's daughter is so god damn terrible and her attempt to mimic his mannerisms is the cringiest shit ive seen in some time).

Go watch the first two, then John Wick, and then go find Alex Winter's Idiot Box on YouTube. I promise it'll be FAR more enjoyable.

Re: Excellent?

I was disappointed too.

It was like looking forward to meeting up with a hot chick you remember from high school and she’s now a fat, white trash, meth mouthed, essential oil salesperson

It’s a trilogy now.

Imagine how awful the prequel will be 20 years from now.

Re: Excellent?

(Bear with me here, because for some reason im really mad about this the more i think about it)

The movie just didnt make any sense, and not in a funny way either.

B&T are very obviously old men in this so why did they get significantly younger actresses to play the "princesses"? The original actresses were and still are fantastic looking;


That made it weird and then the convoluted 'everybody fucks and marries each other' joke that wasn't really silly or funny, just odd and out of place. That opening scene actually felt bizarrely like a scene from Step Brothers but without the laughs.

But it was the daughters that COMPLETELY ruined it for me because in the second movie their kids were babies meaning they should in their 30s right now and not 18. Also, and some would say most importantly,



Re: Excellent?

I have never heard of these movies, if i were to watch them where should i start and how high should i be?

Re: Excellent?

My wife and I are somewhat feminist activist. I told her about the wife bullshit and she was like: “WTF?”

Yeah, the more you rage, the more and more right I see you are. I guess I just really wanted to like it. I was looking for a reason to appreciate it somehow, but it’s just too thin.

I wonder if they made the rental price that stupid high as a marketing gimmick to make people believe it was better than it is. Cause back in the day this would have been a straight to VHS in the bin at Odd Lots.

Re: Excellent?

> Bas Autowas Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I have never heard of these movies, if i were to watch them where should

> i start and how high should i be?

Very high bas. The original two are intrenched in 1980's american stoner culture.

But, I can't watch the new one....I can't even enjoy my very favorite "watch while totally out of your mind" movie...super troopers

Then again, I kinda grew out of television and movies completely....I have a fetish for laserdiscs tho. Gonna watch sleepless in seattle and cry later.

Re: Excellent?

You should definitely check out the first one, it's a classic.

Two metalhead idiots travel through time to save the world.

It's very silly and fun and yes, weed makes everything better.

Re: Excellent?

They shoe-horned daughters into the script im guessing because "strong girls" sells and then they go full sexist assholes by not having beautiful older women play the original roles.

It's schizo

Re: Excellent?

I hardly watch any new TV but Barry and The Mandelorian were both fantastic.

Re: Excellent?

I can't believe anyone would go to this having seen the trailer, the first was ok, second was painful, and this looks unwatchable. But then I hate the austin powers series and dumb and dumber, so take your movies and get off my lawn! ;) @ BAS, VERY high indeed.

Re: Excellent?

The Austin Powers trilogy are some of the greatest movies ever made and so is the first Dumb and Dumber.

I'll check out the first one when i'm sufficiently inebriated, i love me a good stoner movie.

Re: Excellent?

It's 1989, im in a crowded theater packed with other teenagers throwing shit at each other and the screen when suddenly Bill & Ted look at each and say in unison

"69 DUDE!!!"

The place ERUPTED!

It was a different time.

Re: Excellent?

I hope they never touch Wayne's World. I have never watched any Dumb and Dumber other than the original, as it just doesn't need anything else, it's perfect. Austin Powers, I just never got on with it. I need to re-visit Ace Ventura, 20 years later, to see if it is as funny as I found it back then, but I'm worried I'll be disappointed.

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