Cellphone Cameras

They’ve become pretty good. I Remember the first ones. Now, I can capture a moment with a pic that is good enough to print.

I’m stuck in quarantine and scrolled through my albums. Really thought a few were nice enough to share and wanted to see what y’all have.

Also, if you know any tricks to get better quality from the cell phone cameras. I know my iPhone hates low light. But daylight stuff looks great.


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The only "trick" i have is taking multiple pictures and adjusting focus several times.

Here's some of my favourites from this phone (Huawei p10)


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They have gotten really good. But I have never used mine.lol

Just doesn't seem right. I only shoot film and only for myself. I suppose if I felt the need to display them or make money's, digital would be the way to go..I had a d40x new whey they first came out...hated it....it's a ritual, go out and shoot and then come back and spend an hour developing.... meditation

I have over a thousand 4x5 negs, something like 8000 medium format in various frames sizes4.5x6, 6x6, 6x9, 6x14. And way over 10,000 polaroids with the vast majority being fp100 and type 679..some integral in there too. 18 packs of fp100c left, after that I'm planning on building a Instax wide back for my mamiya universal...sucks Fuji shut down manufacturing the last peel apart instant film in 16'....millions of cameres dead...

My friends joke imma be famous after im dead and someone finds my photos. Ha, jokes on them. That shit already happened to a woman in my...great stuff.

my composition isnt at all consistent. It'll end up in a dumpster most likely.

Part of me feels like I should make an eBay buy it now auction. And sell every Polaroid individually for a dollar randomly. (edited)

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Polaroid film has never been cheap. That's an incredible investment to not show off somehow.

Truth be told, I hate people taking pictures all the time now. Photographers have a job to do. That's one thing. But, all these cell phones out everywhere, all the time really peeves me to the point of being pissed off.

It feels like the majority don't know how to appreciate beauty or art anymore. It's just fodder for their vain social media. I'm probably wrong about some of that. We all get to have opinions.

Sometimes even I want to capture a moment though and the cellphone camera has brought that into such easy access. Like, my kids riding their bikes w/o training wheels for the first time. I try not to let it spoil things that are too precious to taint with distraction.

I fear the day that the audience at an opera will all be holding their phones in the air making shit recordings of the performance to brag about how cultured and diverse their interests are.

So, if you don't have any cell phone pics, do you mind sharing a favorite film one? or is that a different thread already?

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punkrock randy /

Yeah, ridiculous good cameras. Fuggin disgusting adult maggots


Re: Cellphone Cameras

Poop fly going balls(?) deep.

Was that mid-air?

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Papa, I think I posted some moped pics from a rally on here once. But that was when I was a film tester for impossible project. They bought the manufacturing machines in 08 after Polaroid went tits up, but had to completely reformulate the film..Got 10 packs a month free and was was asked to scan annotate and email the shots back.....the older peel apart film was my art format, as I had full manual control of the camera..

I'll look for somthing, but the vast majority has never been scanned.

Edit, here's some shots from blood drive x, on the experimental film impossible was sending me. (edited)


Re: Cellphone Cameras

Mopeds on Polaroid = time masheen

Speaking of Polaroid AND cell phones. I used the edit function on my phone to fake a Polaroid style pic for a going away present Guy in my shop was really into old cameras and always taking pics around the office.

That’s where my profile pic on here came from.


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