Ever see those forensic reconstructions done on skulls?

Can you imagine how fugly this guy must have been?

I got a lot to think about right now.


Re: Punisher

GTS and wasn’t let down. Imma get a sticker.


Re: Punisher

Immortan joe would be a close second, but at least he'd carry you to Valhalla.


Re: Punisher

Kirby is rolling in his grave.


Re: Punisher


Re: Punisher


Re: Punisher


Any of you need help with the big words, just let me know.

"Happy" 4th. (edited)

Re: Punisher

I read it all. That’s a very well composed synopsis of the tough guy aesthetic.

I have always hated the shit some people do to seems “manly” or “tough”.

I think men should aspire to be physically capable. Able to perform hard labor and fight defensively if an aggressor comes to attack.

But, we lost our way in the style and result of decades of fear mongering.

REAL men should be more concerned with good philosophy. They should be seeking enlightenment and understanding. Finding the truth about the world presented to them an acting as leaders and visionaries.

Real men are virtuous. They bring peace and security to everyone around them. Not because they can be violent. But, because they can control their emotions, understand their situation and make good decisions. Capable fighters if need be but first and foremost, effective diplomats.

But, we are a TV culture, and all our role models and heroes have to be sensational enough to capture the ever dwindling attention span of the audience.

I think this stuff has a lot to do with Group Think. One of my favorite topics of concern in our world. People adopt piles of symbols in thoughtless effort to stay in the “in group”. It becomes so much a part of their identity, that they (the individual) cease to exist.

I could go on forever.

BTW, I’m in the Air Force. I drive a ‘92 Golf with clear windows. I think military uniforms can be a good thing. It forces people to work on their identity apart from their symbols and style. It’s a huge problem when people put that uniform on and become the “symbol”. Whatever they think that is. You don’t see that much in the Air Force. More of an Army and Marines thing to think that their uniform means they are soulless killing machines.

Re: Punisher

Amen, Papa.

Thanks for serving.

Re: Punisher

I don't know if anyone will look this up and read it but here goes.


It's dear to my heart. So many of our problems come from this one thing.

Individual humans can be so intelligent. Groups of people are dumb as shit.

We have an inherent flaw in our psychology.

Ask yourself, are your beliefs and subsequent behaviours distilled from your personal experiences and observations? Or have you been built by the groups you are in by birth or by choice?

Do you have complete freedom to think and feel how you want? Or do you fight your inner voice, quieting dissent in order to maintain peace or position?

What "groups" are you in? DO YOU HAVE ANY OBLIGATIONS TO A GROUP?

Not saying every gathering of people leads to destruction. Moped Army is pretty cool.

But our lack of awareness to this one subject is mostly to blame for the downward spiral of our society.

Thanks for watching.

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