What's growing in your garden?

So far just lettuce, I have basil I'll probably grab in the next couple days... Cilantro bolted as usual, I just suck at growing it.

Everything else is coming right along.

Made this BALT for lunch with some country style bacon from my local butcher, can't wait until I've got some fresh heirloom tomatoes to go in there.


Re: What's growing in your garden?

Pushrod Fifty /

Looks good, especially the PBR.

Re: What's growing in your garden?

Peaches, I think


Re: What's growing in your garden?

> MPB Andyrew Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Peaches, I think

> >

Yes the leaves look like my peach tree.

Re: What's growing in your garden?

Radishes, Rhubarb and Horseradish. And 2 old Apple trees. I made some Horseradish last fall that was too hot for anybody, myself included. Just have to put the vinegar in sooner next time.

Re: What's growing in your garden?

classic carl jepsen /

nice try but we all know that is arugula

Re: What's growing in your garden?

fuckin nothing!

i havent figured this garden thing out, stuff is planted and sprouted but it doesnt grow. just stays there, alive, but tiny and not producing anything.

playing with different fertilizers and different locations and more water and all that, but nada. The seedlings we gave neighbors are killin it, i'm at a loss. been also toying with soil amendments to add perlite and amend the pH and still, we got a buncha stuff that's neither growing nor dying. Its hard to tell what it needs.

One of the pea plants sprouted a flower though, so I might get a pea.

Re: What's growing in your garden?

I like the garden. I have a greenhouse and now grow all my shit in buckets on two 6x12 tables outside and start everything inside on my 14x20 heated greenhouse. It's hard in maine. Short growing season


Re: What's growing in your garden?

I have full on herb and lettuce growing on my deck planters so I just go outside and grab what I need. Tarragon, basil, dill, cilantro. All at my fingertips. I live outside in the summer months and grow as much as I can. Also have blueberries and raspberry. (edited)

Re: What's growing in your garden?

I've been working on a shared plot this year. The yellow squash has been producing like crazy. We've also got cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, bush beans, lettuce, okra and potatoes. The biggest surprise this year was the lettuce. I used the cheap brand seeds from the dollar store and they did awesome. I figured it would suffer when it started getting hot, but it's still doing great. It's nice to get outside and have something to give you a little distraction from everything else that's going on.

Re: What's growing in your garden?

I seem to be growing a lot of these red bugs.


Re: What's growing in your garden?

Bas, we have loads all over our garden, every year. In fact, I see them out and about everywhere. They are called Gendarmes in France. I never saw them in the UK.

Re: What's growing in your garden?

Woah! Those are fuckin wackass bugs.

Yeah Will, it's taken me years and a lot of failed gardens. I've read a few books the last few years about soil biology... Basically you gotta build the right soil to grow microorganisms, the microbes create the nutrients. I'm not a great gardener by any stretch of the imagination but this is my first year starting everything from seed and it's looking pretty good.

I could get into it a lot or maybe not, but the biggest thing is light, you gotta have good direct sun period. Second is air to the roots. Good moisture. Gotta build soil. Don't be afraid of fertilizer, I use an organic one called 'milorganite' made from poop from Milwaukee metro sewage district, but at this point in the game you might want to hit it with something with free nitrogen, like miracle grow.

I started my garden from scratch last year and put a bunch of organic material in there, plus we had a really cool wet spring, the microbial activity sucked up all the free n and stunted the heck out of my plants, but halfway through the summer once the organics broke down everything exploded and grew like crazy. Not a great year but we got a pretty good yield all things considered. Have hope.

Re: What's growing in your garden?

punkrock randy /

Old ass horse manure is what my grandpa swore by for adding to soil. Gotta give it some years tho. I agree, those red European bugs are crazy looking lil fuckers. Hopefully they’re not gonna devastate yer crops.

Re: What's growing in your garden?

I just looked it up and in English they are called firebugs, but they only live in Europe. They only eat dead leaves and dead insects so my nonexisting crops are not in danger. It does say a lot about our wildlife that these little bugs are one of our strangest insects.

What kind of soil do you guys have? Over here its usually a mixture of (river) clay and sand and fertilizers aren't really needed.

Re: What's growing in your garden?

I grow in buckets so I use a promix base with added compost and organic fertilizers. Didn't have the time to weed like we should so we went that route. The soil is nice and airy so root growth is nice. I can dump at the end of the season and use again in the spring. Have to add some more compost and fertilizer and off to the races. Very good year so far. Had a bunch of stuff grown from seed in the greenhouse early spring and my heater ran out of fuel and whipped out all my space Bush cukes and some other stuff when we got a frost.

Re: What's growing in your garden?

Just installed two fans in the greenhouse to keep the temps down. It can get very hot in there. They are hooked to a thermostat to keep my plants happy when inside. Mostly grow jalapenos inside. They like the heat.


Re: What's growing in your garden?

You till your soul will?

Re: What's growing in your garden?


Re: What's growing in your garden?

^HA! He sould could have used tilling about 6 yrs ago, but I think his wife and daughter have done it for him, a much better Will these days, temperament is now in line with his intelligence, and Will, I mean that as a very sincere compliment. :) You were always smart as hell, but now you have a calm side. Don't veggies grow in the grocery store, I love some broccoli steamed in garlic butter!

Re: What's growing in your garden?

yea i have tempered my confrontation but i still do poke peoples buttons sometimes.

My dad was a horticulture teacher, he has a doctorate from Cornell in "edible fruits and vegetables" and ran a several acre organic farm at our place most of my life. he ran all the local farmers markets and a CSA, supplied most of the high end restaurants in our area, and would employ college kids over the summers basically on a work program for college credit. Yet somehow I managed too retain about none of that, though he's pretty useless around engines. I get his 100yr old chalmers putting around, and he pulls up some killer bouquets of broccoli.

I also definitely ate a SHITLOAD of bugs growing up, kinda came with the territory being all organic, and he wasn't ever the type to worry about em, like everything that got sold was cleaned and cleared but the stuff that wound up on our table got steamed up caterpillars and all. I think a big part of my lassaiz faire attitude for things which cause no harm - the stuff most folks fret over pretty needlessly as well as my fierce loyalty to friends and genuine concern for community all came from my old man, pretty proud to call him my dad

Still, I missed out on the green thumb!

Re: What's growing in your garden?

Haha, dang that's great, now I feel like a dummy trying to give advice.

Ate more lettuce and picked the first batch of basil for some noodley slop I made for dinner.

Got a lil baby cuke out there, gonna have to prune and string up my tomatoes probably tomorrow.

Re: What's growing in your garden?

Raspberries now, tomatoes in a few weeks.


Re: What's growing in your garden?

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Raspberries blueberries potatoes tomatoes lettuce beets squash corn zucchini ochra cucumbers watermelon apples pears walnuts chestnuts rhubarb radishes turnips parsnips leeks watercress sorghum ginger beans peas lots growing x mas trees too.

Re: What's growing in your garden?

Plants!!! I got the veggies too


Re: What's growing in your garden?

Ѭ ɞŦЯʚOluv Ѫѫ /

My rattlesnake master aka button eryngo has finally matured and is insanely tall. This cultivar was supposed to turn blue but haven’t seen it yet. It’s a native plant used for making into shoes back in the pre industrial era.


Also some volunteer love in a mist aka black cumin keeps on dazzling and, as you can see, some milkweed I let run for the flutterbys


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