Mdou Moctar

I posted in the Purple Pain thread the knock off movie made in Agadez, Niger.

I doubt very many people watched it.

It got me listening to the music from the region. It is amazing.

I was trying to run a half marathon today and listening to this stuff. At mile 6.5 I got to this song. I got my first “runner’s high” ever. It was a life changing experience. I don’t say that lightly.

I miss psychedelic rock. Nobody is really making it anymore that I know of. This kinda reminds me of that but there making it in Agadez.

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Wow, what a jam, and I'm sober! Makes me want to dig out my weed stash, so enhances music, but this does not need it, thanks for posting this. I smoke weed about once every 6 months, and only a one hit, as I have the super atomic, that one hit puts me right to sleep, I awake so clear headed, bereft of anxiety and stress, that lasts about a week, like Lorazepam in a way, 3 mg of that for everyone and we would not be where we are today. Next time I smoke, and I can't say when that will be, I'm playing this. We all need to chill, lay back and relax. Thanks for the jam. (yeah, I'm never growing up) :)

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Weird music.....not as bad as Country Western though.

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If you really want some trippy tunes, I was watching Smarter Every Day with my kids and saw the episode about oscilloscope music.

I use o-scopes extensively in my job. The program devolved to draw pictures with sounds is impressive. But, these guys take it to a whole different level.

Put on headphones. Dim the lights. Crank it up as high as you can stand it.

Re: Mdou Moctar

Let me say further that I think this is so awesome because it is a perfect example of how incredibly slow and weak our perception is.

O-scopes are an analog device. The amplitude and frequency of the music is steering the electron beam in the cathode ray tube which lights up the coating on the glass tube briefly for our optic nerves to sense it.

Our world processes digital info a billions of bits per second. Yet our ability to perceive things as they are is outpaced by sound. 20-20Khz.

With the assistance of all that processing power, it amazes me that humans seem overall less perceptive to the most obvious things in life. Right and wrong. Truth and lies.

Hope y’all appreciate it. Even if you just are into EDM.

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