Re: My wife doesn't like watermelon

Luke Stroehlein /

> Born to be WillD Wrote:

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> > Luke Stroehlein Wrote:


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> > She's not happy about the fact that I made this post. We really might


> > divorce because of watermelon 🍉😭


> Funny I got in trouble over watermelon also: when my wife was pregnant

> we stopped at a farm stand and grabbed some watermelon, I made a joke

> accusing her of stealing another one hidden under her shirt. It was well

> received by others, however she was less than amused.


Re: My wife doesn't like watermelon

punkrock randy /

How’s about plums? She cool w them? I feel they are the true forgotten fruit

Re: My wife doesn't like watermelon

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Nope forgotten fruit...

Paw paw

Re: My wife doesn't like watermelon

punkrock randy /

I’m in Missouri. Paw paw is all but forgotten here.

Re: My wife doesn't like watermelon

I learned all about paw paws at my last place in Ohio.

Our property was all glacial till. Crazy springs seeping water out of the ground everywhere. The property was mostly deciduous trees (white oak) and near the house , where the canopy broke up a bit, we had hundreds of paw paw trees. I stepped on one and couldn’t figure out what it was. Had to google it. That’s how forgotten they are. Nobody I knew had heard of it.

My parents are pretty old. They perked up with some paw paw stories. But they didn’t care to eat them again. I had one good harvest. Like 15 gallons of the things. I canned a bunch and gave it away for Christmas.

Paw paws are insanely healthy. It is the indigenous fruit of Ohio. But they aren’t commercial friendly. They go from inedible, to ripe, to rotten in a few days. They are mushy and bruise from their own weight.

A really good one is a special taste experience. I found them to be very inconsistent though. And the bad ones had all sorts of weird flavors and lingering bad aftertaste.

Still, I miss those couple weeks of the year when I could walk into my woods and shake a paw paw tree to eat a couple of those things.

Re: My wife doesn't like watermelon

Probably Fred /

Where I grew up in Cleveland at the border of the west suburbs we had pawpaw trees cherry trees, plum trees, pear trees and grapevines All with in a few properties on my street,

Most of those houses are gone since the one I lived in burned down shortly after we moved out but I believe the pawpaw tree, a plum tree and a cherry tree is still there, My mother used to wonder why I wasn’t that hungry at dinner time after playing in the neighborhood In the late summer🍒


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