LTNH and My new two-stroke ;D

Been a while, been busy with life, and, in the last year, replacing the 8v71 Detroit Diesel in a '61 GM x-Greyhound bus I picked up in OK, and a Peugeot 103 to go in the bay shortly after. More about it on my channel.



Re: LTNH and My new two-stroke ;D

Rick Bergsma /

I would love to own that bus !!

Re: LTNH and My new two-stroke ;D

I love me an old Detroit. Worked for a marine construction company and all our equipment was powered by them. Guy at work tore one down and rebuilt it in the shop and fired it up just sitting on blocks. Was a little scary as I was on run away patrol with a piece of wood in hand to smother the intake of need be. He collected all the series and had almost all of them. I think he had 12v71 in the barn(edited)

Re: LTNH and My new two-stroke ;D

My father was a hot rod guy in the 60's and he said that if a truck broke down on the side of the road people would steal the chargers from them to put on their gas v8's, haha!

Re: LTNH and My new two-stroke ;D

That is so cool!

Re: LTNH and My new two-stroke ;D

The detroit is also a two stroke, haha

Re: LTNH and My new two-stroke ;D

Pushrod Fifty /

Cool bus, are you going to travel in it?

Re: LTNH and My new two-stroke ;D

yeah man they are awesome engines. MTU bought the license from detroit and they still make them because so many military and industrial vehicles worldwide use them.

they are very stingy on fuel if you stay 'out of it' but they can turn a lot of fuel into a lot of power real quick if you 'give it the beans'

having grown up going to tractor pulls with my dad, there is nothing that compares to that high rpm ground shaking whine when one really starts to jam. i myself have thought 'how can i own one of these someday' and the only reasonable answer is 'greyhound bus converted rv' it would be awesome to take one over the continental divide or soemthing where you could really make it work.

Re: LTNH and My new two-stroke ;D

Strip that old paint off to reveal the bare aluminum skin. Insert "MOPEDS" into the destination sign and get some air horns with your favorite melody.

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