Re: Covid 19 stats

70% effective vaccine DOES work : quick math.

spread rate is between 2 and 3. for every person with C19, they'll spread to 2 or 3 people. If nobody is immune (current case) both of those people get it and spread to 2-3 more and it explodes exponentially

IF 70% are immune, chances are that 2 or possibly all 3 of those contacting someone sick have immunity and it doesn't spread. eventually it hits dead ends. the remaining 30% likely only a small fraction will even get it because it dead ends, this is herd immunity, this is how disease transmission works, how vaccines work, 70% of everyone developing immunity (if it can be done w.o creating other issues - hence need for due testing) DOES stop this disease

Re: Covid 19 stats

Honkypapa nailed it.

but yeah, there's a lot of dumb excess and a lot of scenarios where extreme adherence to the one-size-fits all approach may be overkill, but it's a risk-reward, I think right now it's hard to visualized those, but the risk of not wearing a mask in public (possible spread, even a very small chance) vs the reward of not wearing a mask (foggy glasses? maybe? like at worst you gotta smell your stinkbreath for a while) it should be an easy choice. and recommendations have to be conservative, considering worst case

re: hcq? again, sucks its so politicized, it means theres an inherent bias in a lot of the studies, but you can't manipulate a proper randomized study. The Detroit study they only trialed HCQ on people with low heart risk since it can exascerbate coronary issues. but we know people with heart problems are more likely to die of covid, so it inherently picked the least likely to die as the HCQ recipients, then showed they were least likely to die...

I think it absolutely merits continued testing but there's still zero good evidence that it's a cure. and even then it's not a cure, just makes it possibly less deadly - like remdesevir shortens hospital stays, that is awesome. but it doesn't mean we can just let everyone get the virus and then give them remdesevir and hcq and zing and zithromycin and everyone would be honky dory, that's demonstrably false even from the most optimistic reports

Finally, nobody is willfully trying to wreck the world economy, and certainly not just to discredit the US president. that level of narcissistic vanity is insane. sorry but carly simon was NOT singing about you

Re: Covid 19 stats

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

Swallow donnie, swallow.


Re: Covid 19 stats

here's another one that gets me about masks -

how is it the anti-mask crowd believed that a) masks are ineffective and don't block anything but also b) that they're concentrating all your CO2 in your face and you can't breathe.

like which is it? Is it just containing the CO2 but blasting out virus only?

I don't get that one. I mean there's a lotta holes in the anti-mask politics and "theory" but that one seems especially contradictory.

Re: Covid 19 stats

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

Yeah, i guess all those hospital staff must be like super-human, being able to breathe all that CO2 24/7.

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