Re: According to Gallup,

I have ONE `show-stopper' for ANY candidate...…………..if they're pro killing babies, they are no good. Find me a pro-life Dumorat that will fight for babies lives and not support Roe V. Wade...………….scarce as hen's teeth in high stakes pols.

Re: According to Gallup,

What's the number ONE cause of death in 2020 in US?

I'll give you three guesses as to what kills 140,000 in Jan-Feb this year...….Estimated U.S. deaths, January, February this year, Heart disease comes in at #2, killing 105,000. Cancer, 96,000. Accidents, like when you fall off the ladder, 26,000. Chronic lower respiratory disease, 25,000. Stroke, 2,300. We’re still not at the flu, have you noticed that?

Alzheimer’s kills 19,000. This is in January and February. Not for the year. This is in two months. Diabetes, 13,140. Flu, pneumonia, 8,460. Kidney disease 8,220. Coronavirus, 2. Two(edited)

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