Anybody into ham radio/SWL'ing?

Recently got back into shortwave after I functionally restored an old Hallicrafters S120. It's amazing how much the bands have changed. I've been able to get Radio Cuba, China and Alex Jones.. of course good ol' WWV..the rest is religious programming other than the 75-80m ham band, this radio is horrible for SSB...

Should be getting some QSL's in the mail soon, I'm sad I quit this hobby around 16 yrs ago. Soo much has changed...

I desperately need to go meet my local club and get myself a better SSB capable setup.

Think I'm going to get my tech licence, really interested in RTTY.

Re: Anybody into ham radio/SWL'ing?

Pushrod Fifty /

I have a few tube SW radios that I fixed up, used to listen to them a lot but kind of lost interest after awhile. Have a Radio Shack portable digital that pulls in pretty good but it's easier to tune around on the analog ones.

Re: Anybody into ham radio/SWL'ing?

Those radio shack models are really nice. Made by sangean, they make the c.crane stuff now.

Re: Anybody into ham radio/SWL'ing?

I need to dig out my magnum S-9 "black radio". Ten meter radio converted to trans./ receive on citizens band. Used to talk some serious skip with the Texas Star 500 kicker behind it.



Re: Anybody into ham radio/SWL'ing?

When I was a kid, I was big into SW and CB SSB on the 'funny' channels above 40.

Even got a QSL card from the west coast of Africa, all on 12 watts. CBs and the kickers / extra channels are like registering a kitted moped as a 49cc. I just use a Grundig YachtBoy 400 for SW every once and while.(edited)

Re: Anybody into ham radio/SWL'ing?

not really, but i do feed ham to my amazon alexa bot

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