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What do you all think of barbershop? In my experience it's a love or hate sort of thing. I personally love it, however my mom would prefer me to go deaf.

These are some of the best barbershop groups (In my pinion and some champions), and a video:

Instant Classic (International champion)

Vocal Spectrum (The tenor is pretty frikin' bomb) (International Champions)

Newfangled Four (They do both comedy and very good ballad pieces)

The last one I will mention, even though there are many that I would wish to add because they are AMAZING, is

Main street, 2017 international champions, Their Tenor and lead were both members of the winning quartet Keepsake as well. They sing Comedy as well as ballad also.

I like it, I've also been thinking of forming a small barbershop quartet.

(For background I sing tenor/Baritone : G2-C5 full voice :G2- G5 falsetto maybe higher but that's the highest note that I can hold with decent tone quality)

Re: Barbershop?

my favorite barbershop performers are of color....i f'n love beat box....i can't get enough of what the human body alone can produce....I would consider beat box, barbershop's baby :)

Re: Barbershop?

Like all music styles, there is talent there, but personally this type of music creeps me out. But to each their own.

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