RIP Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas, the ferocious, cleft-chinned leading man and one of the last of Hollywood’s Golden Age matinee idols, died Wednesday, his son, actor Michael Douglas announced. The Spartacus star was 103.

Re: RIP Kirk Douglas

♣Slew Foot♣ /

U sure the Mandela effect said he died in the late90s...

Re: RIP Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas was a heck of a Man. Great actor, but strong person.

Re: RIP Kirk Douglas!

Re: RIP Kirk Douglas

When you’ve seen several Kirk Douglas movies and then want to post your favorite photo of him in Batman but then it’s Jack Palance


Re: RIP Kirk Douglas

Yeah,Palance is cut from the same cloth. One-armed push-ups when he looked over age 60, years ago.

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