Some Vacation! One road in,no road out!

Re: Some Vacation! One road in,no road out!

Yes, Don. There’s lots of places like that. I vacation at a similar place every year. Some people try to get away from roads and traffic on vacation.

Re: Some Vacation! One road in,no road out!

If you read the article, there were a lot more isolated than vacationers. Sure looked like a jakey road where it washed out.

Re: Some Vacation! One road in,no road out!

Overpriced Parts /

I’m lucky to live year round at a resort development for cheap, even though I live in the smaller homes/poorer section I get to enjoy most all the amenities the other people enjoy only problem is it really doesn’t snow much here in winter and the lake doesn’t always freeze over so the winter things like ice-skating, snowmobiling or cross country skiing is rare,

The ski resorts out here are very limited even though they make their own snow the temperature is moderate so most times they can’t keep continuous snow throughout the few winter months, may close altogether like the two theme parks out here did but the county/state parks with trails, lodge etc are open year-round,

There is a fitness center a little over a mi away that also has a indoor pool but that’s additional money because it’s not owned by the development,

Basically where I’m at this is how it is through the winter months most times


I love the change of the seasons I just wish they actually changed and stayed changed

I love when the lake freezes over thick enough to walk on and or ride on for at least a few days


Re: Some Vacation! One road in,no road out!

Ohio has some really CHANGEABLE weather. I used to think Cleveland's winters were all bad,Ken, but you've enlightened me on that notion.

Still, I'll take So. Ohio's winters rather than yours.

Re: Some Vacation! One road in,no road out!

yea the weather was nuts. I had an engine hoist i had to return to a friend, only fit in my car with the windows down so i fugured after how nice monday was in the 50's i'd be OK, then like 2 hours later it was 20

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