yo birmingham!

i'm comin over!


going to that but probly be chillin wed night/thurs too. who's there? i swear i know some moped dudes there...

Re: yo birmingham!

Hmmm. Ya could also come hang in Atlanta Wed/Thurs then ride up for the show Friday after lunch and crash at a cheap motel in Birmingham after.

Re: yo birmingham!

awww shucks, vanning with a drummer. gotta be there early for band practice.

i gotta get to atl soon tho, i need like 5 more vespa motors...

Re: yo birmingham!

shit I went to birmingham a few times for bicycle stuff, there's a bicycle co-op that's now called redemptive that's one of the better co-ops i've seen. it's sweet. I met a few moped people but even then it was like 2 barely active folks. I think that couple from the pushers moved to bham, like the only people that were not aaron fogg and not riverboner

I guess just keep your ears peeled.

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