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I really think it needed its own tread, as it's a good topic. Thanks, Roff.

Love the old hitchhiking days of the late 70s, my cousin and I would hitchhike a few times a month from the west suburbs of Cleveland to our girlfriends houses Past perry Ohio almost PA border that we met at cedar point amusement park,

We would stay out there for the weekend for about 4-5 months until we broke up with them

We both had old not really reliable for the highway low ratio axle performance cars (340 dart and 383 fury) that took expensive 1.20 + a gallon Sunoco 93.5 octane, just there and back would be 25+$ in gas A lot of money at that time

My cousin being a part time dishwasher for minimum-wage and me though making 40% more money per hr I only worked 25 hours a week at that time, I couldn’t foot the bill Plus have any money to spend on the girls and such plus live all week, my girlfriend had use of her parents car once we got there but we would have to pay to put gas in it,

We tried to ride dubs on my 175 Kawasaki which ended in aborted trip so we hitched hiked about a dozen times out that way there friday afternoon/eve and Sunday morn back with just a bag of change of clothes a towel, a blanket and a couple other things,

Only two times we got somebody that was crazy, but we still made it to our destinations there and back,

We Started on Clifton Blvd Cleveland border with thumbs up and sometimes we had a walk as far as Edgewater Park cleveland only a few mi away before someone stopped

We’d get picked up most times pretty quick, getting at least halfway to our destination on first ride,

We loved getting picked up with somebody with PA license plates because they literally would drop us off a half a mi away from the girls houses that both lived on the same street many times take us right to their houses,

I and another friend hitchhiked to Mohican wilderness and that was kinda a disaster, because all our camping gear got wet in the canoe tipping over and it was pouring rain and no one wanted to pick up people and gear all wet and took us 14hrs to get near enough home to get picked up, (edited)

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♣Slew Foot♣ /

And then there's the awkward silence where you go well I know you're not a serial killer cuz I know two of them in the same car. Is astronomical....

Re: Hitch hiking

I hitched a lot oin college, we were in alfred new york, when we didnt have much work on a weekend, my roomate and I would see how far folks would take us and if we could get back. we did have to call for a ride back one time when it got real late and no rides hah.

but small roads it seems are way easier. there's a word or name for it - how when you've got 100 people passing a minute, the odds of one stopping in an hour are lower than when you have 1 person every 10 minutes - because the more people there are the more everyone's willing to say "oh someone else will get em"

We've picked up a few hitchikers too - in new england it was pretty common to come across backpackers doing the appalachian or it's offshoot trails, needing a ride to town to resupply or whatever.

my friend shane hitchiked across the country for almost a year after high school, he lived with a few families for a few months at a time, helping small jobs etc. just willing to say yes when an adventure presents itself can be pretty rewarding and sure kinda dangerous.

The longest hitching I did was with my now wife and 2 other friends we hitched around europe for 3 months. spent a little under $900 ea (after airfare)

you'd meet some scary folks rarely, but amazing folks often. one man took us and let us stay in his beautiful french artist countryside chalet, another took us on a tour of all the local attractions near his home towns. One man brought us to his grandmothers for siesta and then took us to see his band play at a big outdoor festival. We even met a lady from brussels who got us tickets to zipline off the roof of the belgian capital building! After one particularly long day waiting for a ride out of amsterdam, aiming towards hamburg and eventually berlin, we got one polish dude who brought us all the way across germany to his hometown of breslau, totally rearranged our entire trip in an unforgettable and very rewarding way

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