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> the boat idea is pretty fair, I know some folks, actually wiffleball

> lives on a boat southeast of houston. seems legit, cheap rent.

I spent a few nights on my boat at dock at my Marina with the full cover on it in throughout 80s early 90s only because after the weekend with my family on great lakes and after dropped of my family at late 9:30 sunday night at home the boat had to be all cleaned up covered, Fish cleaned and everything,

It was like 1 o’clock Monday morning,

I had to be at the job site at 6:30 and I could tell you sleeping on a boat it’s pretty comfortable,

The movement while I was on the river was nothing like an ocean but almost like a water bed very comfortable and sleep came quick though sometimes bilge rats would climb ropes and go into boats but those nights none did,

My marina had full kitchen facilities as well as showers and other things needed and there was very few people around at that time,

I literally could walk from the showers with no clothes on and get dressed with no video, (such a great era)

If I was a single person I could live there probably seven months out of the year with my tiny a bit less than 17 foot boat for the double seats on each side opened up folded down to make two beds and it was possible for someone to sleep in the front of the bow because my boat was a bow rider type boat plus free shore power!

I loved those times Having two-stroke motorcycles, Mopeds, carts and two stroke boats, and in my mind four stroke still sucks! for you don’t have a power stroke every time top dead center comes up ha ha,

Beating a 150 hp with same size boat with 4t car engine boat with only at 85 HP 2stroke (but well tuned to near 95 hp) outboard was funny and many times people would ask me what I’m running and how tuned (most times just increasing the carburetors and intake would increase HP but gas mileage would go down dramatically)

My young family and all of us loved boats and would love to have had a 30 or 40 footer but alas we weren’t rich and loved the flats and Lake Erie,


If you have to live anywhere live on a boat it’s Way better and way safer than living on any street because you have to have a key for the lock on the gate to go to the docks and everybody knows each other


I think I seriously want to do this, I've been told that I'm running from myself and shit like that. Really, I just want something different,some change, and something else.


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Doesn't hurt to try. Do some travelling and meet people. People that respond like that just don't have any imagination.


Maybe I am really lost and confused, I just don't know what I want or need anymore. I'm just in this odd point in my life where I feel like I made mistakes, and can make things better for myself. I think I'm just so attracted to this idea of escapism because of that.


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