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So me and my friend were talking the other day and we were discussing how bad our situations are end it came up with what do you really have to be grateful for and then I thought a long time about it and I thought to myself or at least I Justified to myself even though I don't have two nickels to rub together I'm out of smokes my health isn't that great I'm in pain all the time I still am thankful but I can smoke medical marijuana and my lifespan was placed pretty much ideally 4 rock and roll I mean Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd The Grateful Dead all of the punk all of the emerging Hip Hop trance Rock heavy metal I mean I couldn't have picked a better spot if I was like a time traveling historian who is into rock and roll I mean in my life I have seen a lot of shows mostly Grateful Dead because I followed them selling T-shirts as a job but I also seen Heaven and Hell Black Sabbath tour in the beginning before dio. Blue Oyster Cult then Little Feat and all the Blues Guys do you think about the section of time from say 70 2 20/20 I think it might be the most exciting time in music history I mean the Event Horizon it's like everything was analog and now it's digital and I was there for that and I was at a whole bunch of shows but we're incredible and you wouldn't even realize it at the time I mean this first vid was a Breakout and I think Jerry gave it to me I was screaming Sixth Sense for an unbroken chain back in like 78 I was in 5th grade and Jerry and the further bus stop that at Arco gas station across the street from the high school I was dressed in my Catholic school uniform and Jerry wanted a pack of camels Eddie brought the exact change with them but the sign didn't say plus tax so he was missing $0.06 and I gave it to him and he gave me a signature to give to my brother and I tore it up because I wasn't supposed to talk to strangers down the years I seen this old Grateful Dead video where they ripped it into tiny pieces and all ate it...

This is probably the highlight but if it has the same setlists the next one is Baba O'Riley and Tomorrow Never Knows with Steve Miller Little Feat and Los Lobos when it comes to rock and roll I couldn't have placed my timeline any better so what's your personal slice of rock and roll?

I I had just finished an 18-hour shift as a p.m. cab driver my number was number nine and I had finish my shift and I drove from Bethlehem PA all the way to Philly which is 70 miles and then all the way the Washington needless to say I was pretty much beat when I got there I promised myself I wouldn't do any hard drugs so I can make it home but of course the crazy hippie chicks flashed me or rushed me so to speak and put rubber stamps about 12 of them all over me well each one had it at least one dose of LSD in it because I was flying by 3 p.m. and then I was like I can't drink anything maybe I should try some ecstasy or whatever it was back then could have been China White I don't know I was kind of wild and didn't really care could have been PCP for all I know but next thing you know I'm driving back at 1 a.m. and the road starts swerving all over the place and I had to pull over I slept it off

whole second set I am in the 1rst concourse seats over Phil's left shoulder. David Crosby and a bunch of peeps rolled up around me. I was wiping down the guardrail as peeps were going for floorseats. Some pregnant girl slipped and I grabbed her and took the hit. Security seen what I did and I got a pass.I was so messed up I didn't realize the whole pass thing and being so tired I just stayed in my seat.


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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