95 targa shifting issue need advice

Danny Gilbert /

So I was having trouble with my targa getting hung up in first gear not wanting to shift into second after about 2 or 3 times shifting fine. I emptied the fluid and added only about 230-250ml type f and it was riding fine for a few miles, longer than it was before but then the problem getting stuck in first started happening again. The shoes are freshly relined so I know thats not the problem. It seems weird to me that it was shifting great with less fluid until it started getting hung up again. When it was filled to where it came out the side screw hole it was shifting terrible. I mean really bad jerking and everything. I'm not sure if the return spring is missing or not I think that may be possible I have to check it out. Also I heard if the pins on the shoes arent on the leading side that could be an issue but I dont know what that means. If anybody has any idea what could be happening could you let me know please. Thanks in advance. Could that return clip on the back of second gear cause this? If so but it is there what else could it be? It seemed to shift perfect until it heated up its weird. I also read that maybe the thing the rollers go in behind second gear under that clip could be worn? I dont know what do you think?

Re: 95 targa shifting issue need advice

Prob want to post this in repair?

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