wheelie dreams

i keep having dreams that im poppin and ridin super long wheelies

nothing else in the dreams are particularly memorable either

just long wheelies

Re: wheelie dreams

Overpriced Parts /

A Friend’s 71 Plymouth 340 duster I have memories of all the time, He went to Vegas and won 6,500$ in mid 90s and with the money he rebuilt his car with 6 pack X block engine that only came with challenger TA or AAR Cuda, he mild ported the heads, new steel crank, forged pistons the best of everything he blew entire wad and then some,

He added headers but kept the side exit exhaust from the Challenger TA donor car, rebuild the 350 cmf inboard of the 6 pack carburetors (the rest was fine) added 455 gears to the grip rear end and added very new in that era gas charged shocks, with a 4 speed and wheelie bars, he had Wheelies for days!

But the third week of having fun after the build the Man pulled us over! my friend had a loaded wwII 45cal ready to go with four shells in the clip one in chamber Because the day before someone tried to steal his car and he shot a couple rounds at the person who was Jimmying his car door trying to steal his car in front of his Cleveland apartment @ 4 o’clock in the mornin,

The cop saw us doing three wheelies 100 or so feet long on a Main drag in the middle lower west side at night and we ran away left him in the dust but about 20 minutes later due to description we got rolled up at a Sunoco gas station with two cruisers while pumping 93.5 octane ,

We got searched without asking there was a few open containers that we said were left from days ago and my friend said under the seat is a loaded wwII 45 auto safety off,

Car was impounded, my friend went to the district I was left on the side of the road,

I had to walk halfway home, lucky I got get a hold of somebody on a payphone to get me all the way home,

Due to no witnesses except a Believed to be a drunk cop as well as illegal search and seizure my friend got his car back (though he had to pay towing but no storage) and concealed firearm charges were dropped,

Since the concealed firearm charges were dropped he asked for his gun back, he got his 45cal back loaded cocked ready to go when Cleveland’s finest handed it back to him it So dumb because one pull of the trigger rounds could’ve been discharged! he could’ve took out five people but he didn’t care for he got it back with nothing, no charges,

Great fun back then while it lasted but nowadays this could’ve been ugly,

Re: wheelie dreams

Same; last week I had a dream that I found my old minibike and wheelied the shit out of it. Like my front wheel didn't even hit the ground when I stopped at red lights. I remember thinking to myself 'wow this is so easy why couldn't I do this before' and being truly satisfied with life. Then I woke up and remembered my wheelies suck dick. Some day I will achieve my dreams

Re: wheelie dreams

go get it! or get on a bicycle, practice up and have some fun!

I tend to be a lot overzealous when attempting wheelies and regularly flip off the back, but i've had some good ones and do pretty well on a bicycle where i think i've just got better control of the power delivery to get into that nice balance point.

anyway, go wheelie!

Re: wheelie dreams

Dirty30 Dillon /

If you wheelie, you end up with scrambled egg brain like Ken.


Re: wheelie dreams


I kept thinking "shit, im a pro at this. why havent i been the wheelie king this entire time??!?"

who knows, im pretty sure my brain is mostly Maypo at this point

Re: wheelie dreams

> Overpriced Parts Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> A Friend’s 71 Plymouth 340 duster I have memories of all the time, He


jesus what a wild ride that was

Re: wheelie dreams

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Trust me I know the PR wheelie king "sicci tria"...

It's way past a helmet at this point. I told him you start mess in with dead stuff they'll put you in a cage...

True story...

~enuff Said lols...

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